Red Flag

Crazy people should not have guns. Most people would agree on that. What folks disagree on is the definition of crazy.

I read that there was a disagreement on who should not be allowed to buy guns. The Republicans think that gang members should not be allowed to buy guns, the Democrats say that that would infringe on their constitutional rights. However the Democrats believe that white supremacists should not be allowed to buy guns.

Of course they also believe that all Republicans are white supremacists. Or so I have been told. Now I will be the first to say don’t believe everything you read. However listening to what the candidates and my friends say it is probably not to far from the truth.

When I was young they taught gun safety in schools. Students would carry guns through the hallways of my high school. There were no mass shootings back then. Gun safety was also taught in Boy Scouts. We would shoot guns in Boy Scouts! In fact, until recently it was the only time I had shot a gun.

The distillate of fear of the unknown is hate, at least that is what my liberal friends say. Maybe if they had been a Boy Scout or had gun safety in school there would not be such an obsessive problem with the fear of guns.

Left unchecked, fear is a problem than can run out of control. I think that is happening now, so convinced of their righteousness the left will be severely crushed when the light of truth shines upon them. I just hope that we don’t all get pulled down with them when it comes crashing on around them.


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