Strike Out

Just a few notes on the GM strike. Not that I pity the union workers that make one hundred grand a year on average. They make more than most, and most working people would love to make that much. There used to be unions around here and they also made really good money. However the union bosses said they could make more if they went on strike. All the companies eventually folded.

Makes me wonder if the bosses had an alternative motive back then to actually put the companies out of business. Foreign intrigue maybe? The cold war was a thing, and a number of the companies could have been targets. Today what was the cold war is simply politics. Foreign intervention is commonplace and almost routine. So then, why do some of the most well paid workers go on strike? They already make more than most any other worker. They already have the very best health care coverage. Why?

It should be somewhat evident that the union leadership is very corrupt. They do not serve the union membership. They serve the party, and the party is out of power. The leaders of the party believe that to win the next election they need an economic slowdown. There is no larger sector in the manufacturing economy than the automotive sector. GM is the largest company in that sector. I am sure that the leadership is hoping for a ripple effect spreading throughout the economy.

As far as the leadership is concerned, the workers are just cannon fodder in an economic war. I am sure that the wiser of the workers realize that rainy days may be on the horizon and have prepared themselves for the possibility. The were well compensated for their time. So I have no pity for them.

This is not to say that I don’t have pity. I do. somewhere down the food chain are workers that are not as well connected as the union workers. They will be people that suffer. There are many smaller suppliers that support the jobs of the well off unions. The kid with his first job making pizza for the union man. Now he has no tips to go to the movies after buying gas. Then the retired fellow that cleans the theaters is no longer needed, so he cannot buy his grandchild a new backpack for school. Then there is the young school child who forgets her book, so she does not learn science.

Yes, there goes the economy. That is the goal.

Cheers, have a nice day.


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