Lucky Lizzie?

The world’s largest hate based fascist organization is in disarray. I could have also said that the world’s largest political organization is in disarray, both statements are right. However I just like to call it as I see it. Darn that pesky revolutionary Trump. He pulled off the mask and exposed the powerful that are in control for what they are.

So there is an opening at the top. Ever the opportunist, tireless Lizzie is is in the fray. As she was in the neighborhood I took the opportunity stop and listen. As she was going on about a carbon free future I had to wonder if she really knows what she is getting into.

True, it was no Trump rally, but for so early in the campaign she had a good crowd. She knows how to please the crowd and received a good number of cheers. I think she will get the nomination. Filled with dreams she is oblivious to reality, unfortunately she will come to depend on the self perpetuating machinations of the world’s largest hate based fascist organization. She seems like such a nice lady.

Why would anyone want to be in charge of such a hot mess?


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