The Deep State AI Black Hole Challenge

Many of us live in a fascist society. Note I did not say the government is fascist, it is not. Not yet anyway. However large portions of our society is. There is only one political belief for those that watch exclusively CNN, MSNBC. Read the New Yorker, or the New York Times and the Washington Post. Or listen to NPR or any of the Hollywood elite.

So do you believe in the Deep State? Non-elected members of the tribe described above that believe the ends justify the means to mandate compliance with, well shall I say their agenda.

Artificial intelligence is one way of mandating compliance. Words and phrases can trigger elimination from discourse. It is quite common actually. It is not considered actual censure because those that own servers have the right, or some say the responsibility to “edit” content. It really quite a simple way to censure thoughts. Information that is contrary to approved “thought” is simply not published.

Some time ago I questioned the green credibility of diesel engines in a Wall Street Journal forum. My thoughts were disallowed, I tried to rewrite my statement several ways. I finally settled with a “watered down” version. It was my first encounter with the AI censors. I was quite perplexed.

What I write in this blog, whether it makes any sense or not, simply disappears. The same thing seems to happen to many people. Contrary thought simply disappears into a great artificial intelligence black hole.

Maybe the writing comes out on some unknown other side. I don’t know? To give credit to where credit is due, artificial intelligence makes it easy for me to write. However I did not realize that I was not allowed to have independent thoughts.

I see people have methods to beat the AI censor. They will misspell words, or leave them out and let the reader infer the words. True there are probably bad words that should not be used. There are words that I normally do not use. However that is my choice. Yes, my words have been disallowed. Simple words that ment no harm. They just question populist thought. Yet they are disallowed.

Really, I do not know what the answer is. However the AI censor is a challenge to free speech. Especially when the rules are not published. An unseen censure unconstrained by transparency is a recipe for darkness. It is a censure that happens more often than most people think.


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