The Funeral Pyre

Seems Big Forked Tongue Chief Liz set her wigwam ablaze. Purely accidental I presume, intelligent people do not normally go around and self immolate.

Before anyone takes me literally, I would like to emphatically state that I am speaking in figurative hyperbole. I wish no harm to anyone or anything. Sadly when I self identify as a Trump supporting Republican half the population believes that, well I wouldn’t want to repeat the words, but let my kindly say that I am simply deplorable, and probably worse. Maybe they are right. However I mean no harm when I make fun of what I thought would be the leading candidate for their party. Or should I say, Tribe (Grin).

That is what this little blog is about, political discourse, and my belittled opinion. Yet my opinion prevails. Disagree if you must. With the New Hampshire primary a month away opinion is heating up. My opinion is get ready for the funeral pyre. The party of the tribe will self immolate, taking with it many sacred cows. One again, I mean no harm to any cow, sacred or otherwise. However, for many there will be wrenching change to hallowed beliefs. Simple because the great tribe of promises has promised so much to so many. Then in failure they blame, me, each other, then ultimately you.

My suggestion, take any darkness you may harbour and toss it into the pyre. For tomorrow the sun will rise, the sky will be blue, the birds will sing. Rejoice for we are self aware. Do not let the tribe control your minds, thoughts, and emotion. Think of what is best your family, community, nation and the world. For the pyre by its nature is the act of renewal, from darkness comes light. Let its glow warm the soul.


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