Winning Made Easy

Want to be a winner? Get aboard the Trump Train. It is that easy. Plenty of room too, complete with a nice view. All aboard before it is too late, leaving the station at a quarter past eight. Shiny and true, the Trump Train has a place for you.

Of course for every winner, there must be a loser or two. Personally, when I know that have been outclassed, I just say that I am there to make the other guy, or gal look good. Then I admit my defeat, and congratulate the winner on a job well done. I understand that not everyone can be a winner. One falsehood prevalent today is, if you do not admit defeat you are not a loser. Au contrair mon ami. Unfortunately for those that cannot admit their defeat, it just raises the power of loss. Simply they become a loser to the losers. I guess you could put a positive spin on it, being the king of losers. I am looking at you Hillary.

Currently the de facto leader of the Democratic Party is the self appointed Nancy Pelosi. As speaker of the house she has a lot of clout. Unfortunately when you compare Nancy with the animated villain Cruella de Vil, Cruella comes out looking like Snow White in comparison to Nancy. This is not surprising as Nancy has sold her soul to the highest bidder. A very un-American thing to do. No wonder the Chinese like her.

Then there is her side kick, the minority leader Senator Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer, a man who gives New York a bad name will do anything to besmirch his political opponents. Chucky does such a good job of it he makes Chucky the doll look like the Elf on the Shelf. Senator Schumer, a man who ultimately gives New York a bad name. A very generous fellow he is.

Beyond those two, whom should be the leader of the Democratic Party? Why the presumptive nominee Joe Biden of course. He should be shaping the rhetoric so that the party could stage a glorious comeback. That is what the presumptive nominee should do. However the party nominated Joe. Emblematic of corruption and graft of the past, the kindest thing to say about is Joe is he suffers from dementia. Why did they nominate Joe Biden? My theory is most of the party leadership was so into immediate gratification and wealth accumulation that they lost a long term vision. Joe, who was a part of the problem knows that. When you saw him on TV he seems to constantly try to apologize. His handlers have their hands full. In the background firefighters glum in fealty, staunchly supporting Joe at their unions behest. it was truly a sad campaign. Then Jim Clyburn gave his endorsement, and everything changed. I do not know what motivated Jim, or more importantly, those that heeded his endorsement. However it was a pivotal moment. So I give thanks to the nameless second tier Democrats. They must have looked up and decided that there was no path forward. Nominate Joe and concede. Yes, falling on the sword can be an honorable thing to do. It is after all the end of the party. Time to clear out and go home. Hopefully the hangover is not to bad.

Um ah oh, OBama. What happened to former President Obama? Every time I see him answer a question, the first thing he says is “Um” I interpret this as his way of saying, I can’t tell you what I really think. Then he says “Ah” an is indicative of us now has a plan and a story to tell. Finally he finishes off with “Oh” which is the beginning of his lesson on how he will tell you what to think. Smart man, telling me what I think. Actually it is quite a popular thing to do. now in a self induced quarantine off on the sidelines. I believe he has taken up prayer. Could be be on his knees as he prays that President Trump is a man of his word. For one thing President um ah oh OBama should fear, is to be investigated by the same means and intensity that he investigated the incoming president. President Trump says that the power of the office should not be misused in such a manner. President Obama prays that Trump is a man of his word.

Is it fair to vanquish such a weak opponent? Well, the opposition may be morally weak, but the power of the media is strong. They almost won last time. The power of the media is not to be taken lightly.  Once I was a devotee of NPR and CNN, now the WSJ is the most liberal thing I read now on a regular basis. Their favorite RINO Peggy Noonan writes regularly. With a strong case of Trump Derangement Syndrome she pummeles the president weekly. As I am willing to listen to valid criticism, I do read her column. Unfortunately she is just one of the millions of narcissistic minions, however she is famous with rewards and acclamations that are to be envied. I am sure that she is happy with what she sees in the mirror.

Now my words may be somewhat harsh, so I will have to evaluate my words and see if I am projecting, you know, claiming others have faults that I myself possess. So in sequence, I have projected myself as, a cartoon character, a beloved doll, in thoughtful prayer, and narcissistic as a mirror.

I am OK with that. Winning made easy.


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