Beware the Sundowning Donkey

It is late in the day, the election is still a half a year away. Full Stop.

Some folks make the necessary arrangements and enjoy the sunset. Others are blissfully unaware. Many just are engaged in the daily struggle. Then there are those that sundown.

Sundowning is a medical term associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Such a sad thing. It is dangerous too, as the people that suffer from know not what they do. Yet they are irrational and confused.

Deciding that the world did not need another Clinton or Bush I volunteered in a minor capacity for what to me was an obviously winning teem. There was an eclectic group of people there, all wanting a better future. It would not be long before people were wrongly telling us what we were thinking. It was so common that term was coined to describe the ailment. Trump Derangement Syndrome or in short TDS. Otherwise normal people would go off on unexpected rants. To us it was truly surprising. It was like a virus spread by the media. A rather simple cause and effect.

Some people believe in spiritually. Pray hard enough in mass, and your prayers may be answered. There has been one prayer from the world’s largest political organization. Defeat the president by any means possible, yes any means. TDS is a virulent virus. It effects some people more than others. However tens of millions have become infected. In due time it will run its course. Just how many will not recover is unknown. Unintended consequences are impossible to predict. Could this have been a collective prayer from the donkey.

Terminal agitation, like sundowning, is just one part of dementia. Terminal agitation is distress anxiety confusion anguish. It really is distressing to observe. Yet it describes the actions of the donkey. Confused, agitated, demanding and most importantly a complete loss of reality. Terminal agitation is just a collection of random moments from a distant past juxtaposed upon the present. Unfortunately an underlying meanness anger or hate can bubble up to the surface.

Probably time to call hospice. The donkey needs some peace. Palliative care please. Yes the donkey is in turmoil and need to be comforted. What at one time was such a proud party, is now just a drove of asses.



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