More Doing, Less Booing

A physical manifestation of a spiritual process is what we are seeing today. When booing is prominent, doing is left behind. It is not lost on me that the ancient texts were on scrolls. Today in the digital age I scroll through the news and social media. Observationally, the world is obsessed with booing.

It saddens my soul.  At times I have engaged in booing, however I would try and and add a balance, a scale to the times. For I have wondered if it I am part of the problem, or part of the cure. What I have realized is that I really play no part. I listen, and then may have an opinion. No one really cares, for they believe they have the word from a higher authority. Who do you believe?

We all are well off, others make things for us. Regardless of who is in charge, I believe in making things. Things should and can make our life better. Some people have resources, others have talent. The rest of us are, or should be, doing. Hey we all consume, we expect things that fulfill our desires. If our desire is to be booing, well someone will supply. There is a certain irony that COVID 19 was made in China. They make whatever we desire. Or the majority of us. I count myself as being in the minority, as the majority is happy to point out.

I would be remiss if I did not suggest to the majority, let’s build things. Sometimes you need to tear things down to build anew. But to tear everything down leaves nothing. That is where we are going. We cannot have a society where everyone consumes.

Please, more doing, less booing.


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