Typically I write about politics. COVID is not political. It is a disease, or more accurately a virus. It doesn’t affect one party or another. Party affiliation does not affect how people respond to the virus.

Yet people want to make it political. Even worse, they will use the disease for political gain. Your health now depends on who you vote for. I will stop there.

Factually, the virus affects old people. It is transmitted by close proximity. Personally, I am in a bit of a gray zone, not in real danger, but not real safe either. Let’s just say I am aware. Going into large  crowds is not in my future.

Give old people, the ill too, plenty of space, do not crowd them seems like a simple formula.

I do follow hospitalization rates for the disease. It is a better indicator than new cases. More testing means more cases. The median time from infection to symptom is five days. So a week after a relaxation of a quarantine I start checking hospitalization rates. I really hope this thing goes away. It is real, possibly a million people could have died. However it is time to go back to work.  For the old people, just give them some space. Don’t crowd them.

The virus is evolving, hopefully we get a vaccine and it goes away.

Thank You


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