1619 & Capitalism

I have seen this date used to describe capitalism as racist. Not that I am excellent at history but 1619 rang no bells for me. Till now. 1619 is currently being used to suggest that capitalism is racist. The reason is a group of twenty or so Africans arrived in what is now Virginia. They may not have been the first Africans to arrive in the new world. They may have been indentured servants or maybe slaves. Not much is known about them. Yet to some, their existence condemns capitalism.

It goes something like like this. Capitalism requires property. Slaves are property. Capitalism requires slavery. Capitalism is therefore bad. Yup, something like that.

I think that 1619 is part of the larger Capitalism versus Socialism debate that is going on in politics now. Of course I do know the 1620 story. In 1620 a group of Europeans landed in the new world. They tried a form of self government that would now be called socialism. They tried communal ownership of property. It did not work so well. Three years later they changed to private ownership of separate properties. The results were somewhat better. Of course I may be over simplifying things.

I think the real conversation should be more about Commercialization and Unionism. Commercialization is the use of media to convince people to act in a certain way. I might call it propaganda. Unionism is a method of extracting personal gain by the coordinated actions of a group. Both are bad.

So you do not believe in capitalism? Why not move to Cuba? Even though people die to move out of Cuba, you say it is an idyllic place to live. That is commercialization. Don’t like that idea? Go on strike, and ultimately loose your job. I guess I have said enough, time to move on to another storey. Move On, that is an interesting culmination.

Have a nice day, really.


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