¿Me Smart?

I write about what people talk about, and race continues to be a topic. Till a few years ago I never talked about race, I was trained at an early age not to. To be honest I did not think about race very often. It was not something I paid attention to. Till recently. When people started calling me racist.

Sure, some people mentioned race, they were all what I would call smart liberal people. In fact they seemed fixated on race. Not smart people would only mentioned race when it was brought up by others. The effect of this was the smart liberal would control the conversation.

Me, I am average. Not smart, not dumb. So what does this mean? for me racism is statistical. Certain races have certain attributes, or so it is said. To know them all takes a certain amount of memory. Some people have better memory that others. A smart racist can make observational judgments by characteristic observations. They are then happy to share their views. Are they right? Not necessarily.

We are individuals, with many traits. I learned long ago to not be judgemental. I knew that there were many things that I did not understand. That did not keep me from being observational. Still, there may be misperceptions. For example I have known a professional for many years. He had a slight accent. I knew he was from somewhere else, and had thought he had come from India. Just recently I found out that he had come from Iran. Not that it matters, he is a good person.

So what I think I am saying is that I am not smart enough to be a racist. It is way to complicated. If I am to judge people, it is how they work. Even then, I may be wrong.

I work with students and doctors. If you have followed me this far you may find this interesting. This is my view, students come to learn, they are like an electron cloud orbiting the nuclei. The nuclei is composed of doctors and other professionals. Electron clouds are fuzzy. They have no real shape. Yet they become an element, a building block. part of a structure. That is what knowledge is.

Full Stop. Watch out!

It seems reasonable to assume at this point that all Democrats are racist. They are destroying our cities and making life worse for the poor. Their policies are biased on hate. They know it. Vote them out of power. Defund them. I no longer feel bad for them. They are wrong. Vote them all out. Please.

I just read what I wrote. That is quite the premise. Wow. Ok, pause and take a deep breath. I have to agree, yes my personal experiences confirm. Unaware, my friends from the left are gleeful in their hate. Historically the Democrat Party has been the Party of racist hate. Why would they be any different now?

Sure, I have been canceled. It is not a surprise, it is what they do. As I discovered long ago debate is not allowed. So here are my observations. Old Joe was in fifth place in the New Hampshire primary. Then the Party coalesced around Joe? Why? There was no debate, the rank and file were simply told to vote for Joe. They did. Washed up Joe, why did they pick him? Because he was white? Maybe the party thinks that the general populace would only vote for a white person. Did they forget that Obama was elected twice? What the heck maybe they are right. Here in my state the Republicans nominated a Black and a Hispanic. The white Democrats won. My state is not woke.

In other states they are knocking down statues by the dozens. Sure, most of the statues were confederate soldiers, erected by Democrats. These people are self loathing. The woke are burning and looting the neighborhoods of their constituency. In my view just another reason not to vote for them. I am sure that my view is not a solitary view. I suspect that there might be a whooping at the polls. Of course I may be wrong, the cancel culture is very strong. Personally I see them canceling themselves. I, as well as so many others are tired of talking about race.

Joe, oh come on man you ain’t black, or white. Your a deplorable, despicable crook.

Yes, I wanted to say that.


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