Tucked Away

Tucked Away

For the news junkies that is the actual rock. Interestingly it, and the rocks around it look like they have a waterline. Perhaps the rocks were moved here from somewhere else. A lake someplace? Were they moved before or after the sale? I would find that story interesting. Yes I envision a time capsule, this is the Granite State. Editor, could you get me that story?

I had heard of Jeffery Epstein before he was arrested. I had assumed he was a two bit wanna be player in politics. I knew the right wing media said he was a big player, but who actually believed them. Nobody believes that crazy right wing stuff. When Jeffrey was arrested we found out that he had the biggest house in Manhattan, and the biggest house in New Mexico. A fleet of private jets, and two islands in the Caribbean. This guy was a major player. Mysterious too. Money and women, no real viable income. Wow.

He claimed to be an expert at playing the markets. That may have been true. Others said he was involved in human trafficking, something I know little about. Most likely a bit of both. Then there were suggestions of blackmail and espionage. Both well within the realm of possibilities. So where was the truth? He died. Most people don’t believe he killed himself. Way to many coincidences. He believed he could beat the system, that is what he did. Till he died. The deep state at work.

Jeffrey had a girlfriend or partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. It was said that she procured young ladies for Jeffrey and his rich and famous friends. Some of the ladies were very young, underage even. That is why Jeffrey was arrested, then died before any trial. Secrets were being kept. Tucked away.

Ghislaine disappeared. It was assumed that she went overseas, out of reach of the law. Most believed that the secrets would be kept, tucked away.

I wondered what happened to the young ladies. It was said that there were 500 of them. Was it true that some of them died. Did some become a success, or even famous. Allegedly hundreds of girls were involved. Yet we have very few stories. Allegedly they may have been used for honey pots in international intrigue, real James Bond stuff. Like in the movies, but in real life. I have to wonder what was manipulated, and what were the consequences. Then there were the stories of sordid depravity. What is the truth?

Yup, the answer was tucked away, just down the road. What!

Whoa. Reset. Ghislaine was just a couple of stop signs away. She wasn’t in a foreign land? I was shocked, if the stories were true I figured she would be living in Dubai. Or some other nice place. She is wanted in this country for some really serious charges. In addition her “friends” would most likely be out to get her to keep her from talking. She then chooses to be tucked away just down the road. Surprise.

Maybe the international intrigue is even more dangerous than the charges here. Maybe she was tucked away in a government safe house. There now is the possibility that some real secrets will be forthcoming. Exactly how does the “Deep State” work. Would that be to much to ask? Allegedly there are videos, one, two, hundreds. Who knows. Will just a few be selectively revealed, a couple of minor career adjustments for the greater good. Or will the whole sordid mess be exposed. I do not know.

Sometimes things are so near, yet so far away. I suspect we will never know. Yet the story has become more interesting.

Or will it all be simply be Tucked Away again? This brief is exposure simply an aberration. Ghislaine is off to New York, with no bail. Will she survive? Will she talk? She says she is innocent. Is it is funny, she was found hiding behind a rock?

Something funny about the old timers in this state. We say that rocks grow.


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