When I changed from a manufacturing job to an educational job I had a long interview. During that interview I was asked what my biggest fear was. I quickly replied riots. They were not expecting that answer. We actually had a pretty good conversation about riots, and their effects.

When I was a child riots were a thing. We’re they worse than they are now? I do not really know. Censorship. The difference between now and then, now people knockdown statues. Back then it was about stopping the war or the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. None the less, riots made no sense to me. Why burn buildings? Completely illogical, yet people do it.

some years ago I remember seeing riots in South Korea on TV. Students versus the police. They would fight in the streets. Yet the would leave the cars and the stores alone. I was impressed. If there was a need for a riot, that was the way to do it.

Black Lives Matter. It makes a certain amount of sense. Everyone can feel down, so they may need some encouragement. You do matter. Yet now be murdered for saying all lives matter. Ask the family of Jessica Doty Whitaker what they think of black Lives matter. What a happening now is not rioting. It is insurrection. Planned insurrection. BLM does not care about black people, it is comprised of mostly white people, who burn down black neighborhoods. As such they are no better than the KKK, in fact they probably share the same DNA.

Me, I go to work so I can buy things I like. It is called Capitalism. The rioters, as many others hate Capitalism. Not sure why. They say the want to move to Cuba, yet they never do. I do not understand. Burning things down does not give you the things that you want. Unless you enjoy hurting people. Then that is wrong.

I do not think you will find many Republicans rioting, or encouraging rioting. Riots are a liberal, or Democrat thing. They are shady about it, but it is their thing.

Bernell Tremmell would have agreed. However he was shot dead, in the head. Just another black life, that does not matter, according to the Democrats.

I have run out of verbiage, I am sad. Our society, it has gone bad.


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