The Agenda

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, and just as well-funded.” This was part of  President Obama’s vision for an expanded Peace Core back in 2008. Personally I do not remember any more talk about the Peace Core after that. The Peace Core thereafter shrunk in size.

When I joined the Trump campaign five years ago a former Hillary Clinton campaign worker also joined. She was totally disgusted with the corruption and elitism of the Hillary camp. She recalled stories of cronyism and graft. At one point she asked what we thought of the upcoming civil war. Everyone in the room was speechless. Perplexed that there was civil war predicted.

Today, with less than a hundred days to go to the election bullets are flying and people are dying. Are we engulfed in the civil war that was mentioned years ago? Is there an unseen civilian army, as proposed by Obama to serve his objectives?

Most wars have a defined start. A shot heard around the world of you will. I think in some cases history will define the start, the winners get to write history. Yet, in most cases it is immediately apparent war has been declared. Yet we are in the midst of some sort of revolution, and we are not aware.

We are at war. Cities are in shatters. Bioterrorism is now a thing. A group with the initials BLM is picking up where the KKK left off. We are being told that we should not expect the next election will have clear results. America, that some of us loved is no longer a thing. This we are told is the new normal.

Who’s agenda is this? What do they want? When will it end? Where are we going as a nation? Why are they doing it?

Yes I blame the Democrats. Powered by hate and their politics of personal destruction, they want total control. The Clinton crime machine was co-opted by the charismatic Obama who inserted a Democrat favorite, racist hate, into the debate. Yet they have no true agenda. As lost as Biden is for words, that is the clarity of their agenda. This war had started with the formation of the Democrat Party, and will end with its death.


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