The Kennedy Nixon Debacle

In a moment of bipartisanship I will unload on both President Kennedy and President Nixon. I am talking about executive orders 10988 and 11491 signed by the former presidents. I will blame them both. I have advocated more doing and less booing, in an attempt to be more positive. Yet maybe we can learn from our mistakes, so I will attempt point a few of them out.

The above mentioned executive orders enabled the formation of public sector unions. Public sector unions were not allowed before then. The changes would be transformative.

Unions are self serving. In the private sector, or capitalism the customer is king. Products or services are for the benefit of the customer. With a union, the benefit is for the producer. The customer becomes secondary. Unions are parasitic, and eventually will destroy the host.

The public sector, or government work is even more so. The government is the structure of society. It is ideally to serve the citizens. More than half of all union members are now employed by the government. Sixty years ago no union members were employed by the government. Unionism transcends politics. For politics must now pander to the unions instead of the citizens. Everything must go through the unions, for it it is not the union way, it will not get done.

Yup, that is how I view unions. Shortsightedly they care only about themselves.  Unions by their very nature are unaltruistic. This is especially bad when it comes to the government. For good government is about the care of its citizens. Bad government is about the exploitation of their citizens.

Of course unions will justify their existence. Pretending to be something they are not they will confuse, and then demand more. Because they believe their own lies.

Anyway I might be a bit negative, but there is a certain amount of truth to what I say.

Government should be altruistic.


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