President Rice

I read that Joe Biden has narrowed his choice for vice president down to two people. Kamila Harris and Susan Rice. I think the choice between them will be simple. Susan looks black. Kamila, not so much. Crude, but simple. That is the way Joe thinks.

Nobody expects Joe to last long as president. COVID or something will get him. Realistically he probably will not make it to inauguration. Welcome President Susan Rice. She is sympatico with Joe. Part of the same corrupt administration as Joe they would work together to hide the skeletons they left behind.

Yes, I know it is a fantasy. Won’t happen. I think too many of the skeletons left over from the Obama administration have been exposed. I think a good majority of Americans will not see the value of a President Rice. Sure she is a black woman, and as such she will get some votes. Yet it is unfortunate that she has no real qualifications, other than she is sympatico with Joe. Being part of the same corrupt administration as Joe is her only real qualification. Unfortunately, or deservedly, she will go into the dustbin of history as a looser.

I most certainly am not saying that a black woman can never be president. I will say that it would be harder for a  black women to be elected. Every time Republicans nominated a minority or female, the Democrats would double down with the hate. See Sarah Palin or the last nominees from my state. They have a very vicious machine perfected.

I have nothing against President Rice. It will be corruption by the book, unprecedented.


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