Put Out The Fire

Facebook is such a waste of time. However it is quite convenient. So I dabble in it, ask me to be a friend, and if I know you I probably will accept. I might of asked once or twice to be friended. So far I have never blocked or unfriended anyone. That might change. Anyway I have gotten some interesting information off Facebook. Most importantly political information that I would have never seen in the news. They would be things that I would double check. Interestingly Facebook says that I never received that Russian disinformation that was disseminated a few years back. I didn’t try to game the system, I post my thoughts. Really, the only person I talk about Facebook is with my wife. It’s just there, when I am bored I play with it. It will let me know what others are thinking.

I used to post links to this blog, and people would comment. Now according to my dashboard nobody reads this blog except for the Chinese. I am pretty sure Facebook blocks this website. I really do not know how the algorithms work. Yet I am sure they do. My guess is I was blocked during the intervention period of the Hillary campaign. It was one of her campaign promises. Although I tried to be balanced, an algorithm may have flagged me. However I would not be surprised if one of my liberal friends outed me. It was when cancel culture was just beginning. At the moment, no hard feelings.

Recently I received a couple of friend requests from people I distantly knew. It was a bit out of the blue. Anyway I respected them, and they became my newest Facebook friends. I really don’t add friends that often. They were from unrelated parts of my life.

Of course I know gray haired liberal hippies. It is rather unavoidable. They love to bash Trump. Have you noticed that all those people with the “coexist” bumper sticker have anger management problems. Bashing Republicans is an acceptable outlet for anger for them. Yeah, pass the peace pipe and hate on someone. it was the stock in trade of my dad, a liberal’s liberal. Much to my detriment, I know them and love them.

So I was not really surprised when my new friends started bashing Trump. Actually they were quite good at it. I am still of the mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions. So be it. Then something extraordinary happened. They both started praising Joe Biden. Then I made the connection. They were both involved with firefighting.

Today was the local parade. the parade was quite downsized because of Covid. There were a few off road vehicles, old tractors and cars. Five of us walking in Civil War uniforms. It was a wretched parade. Oh yes, there were the fire trucks. Big shiny and exorbitant, I thought of Joe Biden. The smallest of fire trucks was probably worth more than the entire rest of the parade put together, by several times. For the first time I saw disparity.

My thoughts then went to the fires that I had seen on TV. They were not big fires, however they were symbolic. Police stations, churches, statues, court houses, small businesses. For whatever reason the Democrat administrations let them burn. there were no calls to put out the fires. Before Joe Biden was magically coronated as the party nominee it seemed like his only supporters was the fire fighters union. Seems like something is going on between Joe and the firefighters.

The firefighters are tight with Joe, and tight with the party. The firefighters have millions of dollars worth of equipment. Why don’t they put out the fires? Why?

Just a note to my Chinese friends that read this blog. Don’t invest in Joe. He is not worth your money. He can’t even put out a fire, even with the best equipment. Or is that what you want? Some say so.

Then again, why are there fires in the first place? Of course, it is liberal privilege.


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