President Harris

So I was wrong, it is not going to be President Rice. My apologies. It is going to be President Harris. Of course I may be wrong again.

Anyway I did watch the debut of President Kamala Harris and her running mate Joe Biden. I watched with open and clear mind. I believe that it is important to watch important events of you want to comment on the event. Otherwise your opinion will not be your own.

So these are my observations.

  • I was very surprised that the event was held in a gymnasium. I had really thought such a momentous occasion would have been held on a grander stage. Made it seem like a high school event.
  • Joe started off sounding like Donald Trump and talked about the economy and jobs.
  • Kamala sat on the sideline looking oddly glum.
  • Joe slowly switched to bashing Trump, then he upped the game by talking about Nazis and the KKK.
  • The talk about Nazis and the KKK seemed to excite Kamala.
  • Joe lasted about fifteen minutes.
  • Kamala thanked Joe, Something I thought was very appropriate.
  • Kamala then went on to talk about Beau Biden, Joes late son.
  • It was beginning to sound like an eulogy to me. My thoughts then wandered to believing that Kamala was eulogising the Democrat Party.

I kind of lost it about there. Not in a bad way, I just stopped paying attention. I did try and refocus, and did hear Kamala encourage people to ” Continue Fighting”. Normally I would take this in a figurative sense, however with all the rioting across the nation I believe that she ment it in a literal sense. That is what I saw.

What I did not see, was a call for law and order. The people that will make the difference in this election are the people that are affected by law and order, or the lack of it. That is my belief.

I will agree that Kamala is sympatico with Joe. For that was a stated goal. Kamala went after Kavinagh with the same ferocity that Joe went after Clarence Thomas. When it comes to their politics, viciousness is an understatement. Yes, they are sympatico.


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