Let’s Play Post Office!

According to social media and some news outlets, a money grubbing Trump appointee is stealing mailboxes so people can’t vote. In the last few days I have seen numerous photos of trucks with mailboxes in the back. It is said that there is conspiracy to prevent people from voting by President Trump.

I have never played post office, maybe I was trying to figure out basic math instead. Sooo.  Let’s try to figure this out together. The Democrats want 25 billion to help the Post Office handle mail in voting. That is not counting a bunch more billions in administration costs. Because sometimes I struggle with math I will keep the number at a simple twenty five billion. As an optimistic guess, and a nice round number, let’s say one hundred million people were to vote by mail. That is what I am seeing for numbers.

You’re welcome to check my math, but that’s about $250 per vote, or envelop. Plus, it is most likely local delivery! Drive envelopes across town for $250 a pop, plus it is a bit of a captive audience. No mail envelop no vote. it is looking like free money. Yikes, I want to play post office! That being said, it would be a lot cheaper to send the ballots by Fed-Ex. Save two hundred and twenty billion or so. Or maybe even UPS, they come to my home, and the drivers are very nice people. It would save me a trip to the next town, which a half hour trip.

You know who hasn’t walked out of the Democrat Party? Trial lawyers. They love each other. It is not about the mailboxes, it is about the lawsuits. You took my mailbox so I couldn’t vote. I will sue. Sure way to muck up an election, especially when you do not like the way the vote is going.

Just a final ironic note. My town is about ninety percent Republican. The Post Office took our entire post office building away. It is gone, no more post office in my town (actually the building is still there, but it is no longer a post office). As I noted earlier it is a half hour drive to actually go to the post office.

So what am I and my neighbors going to do? Sue? Nope, we are going to vote in person.


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