Reading The News

I like to read the news. I think it is a more efficient way of learning what is going on in the world. I say this when I am a more visual person. I think visual information is more emotional, than informative. Visual can leave out what I call the back story.

So what is happening to the written word in news? Twitter rules. No I do not follow Twitter, but the news does. It is funny how often the news reports about what someone writes in Twitter. There is a bit of logic to that logic, There are so many people that post to Twitter that there is a good chance that there will be someone at the right place and right time and the right place. So instead of reading a stream of posts, it is easier when someone filters out what is important. The choice is then who does the filtering.

This becomes problematic when the system that delivers the news has an agenda. Who pays the newsman? CNN pays to put it’s news in airports around the world. Multinational corporations pay CNN in the form of advertising. Big big business owns the news. Is there room for the independent businessman? I do not see it being an easy thing to do. Of course CNN just reads the news. Nowadays newspapers are digital, so the ability to read the news is easily available. Yet the same problems are still persist. The Washington Post is easily available on the Kindle. Yet again the man that owns the Kindle factory, owns the Post. There may be a self serving indulgence going on.

I intended to write about the word, versus the image. This blog is very largely word driven, the few images that I use are used to illustrate the words I use. Words are a mental exercise, used to create images in the mind. It is how we communicate. Words make us human. That is why the first amendment is so important.

Where am I going with this? I have noticed that the we are losing control of the written word. Because it is a digital world I can read many things. Because it is a digital world many things I read can be suppressed. For example I read the digital edition of the Wall Street Journal. I enjoyed reading and commenting on the comment section of the different articles. Multiple points of view and interests were expressed. Political views were formed. Links to other places were shared. minds were opened. After a while this type of activity was noticed. Paid agitators interrupted and diverted conversations. In the beginning they bragged that they were getting paid. It became so bad that the “administrators” began moderating the comments. I then enjoyed the creative workarounds past the moderators as certain speech was banned. Yet it became boring. Sometimes when a point was trying to be made paid armies of trolls would interrupt the discourse.

Now we have many more sources of news in this digital age. For example Canada Free Press, Whatfinger, OAN, Newsmax and others. It is hard to censor it all. Yet in a digital age it still can be done. Full size ads cover digital content that is deemed offensive. Some things that were simple to read, have become nearly unreadable. Before I go much further I would like to say the much of what I read I do not believe, that is why I write! However I need to read before I decide to believe, or not.

My belief is the internet is crawling with digital censors. If you do not create digital content you might not believe. Words and phrases deemed bad are easily identified and dealt with. Which brings me back to Twitter. To make a point people use video. Why use words when a video makes a powerful image. Well it is hard to quickly scan a video. More likely than not I will not watch a video. It is not worth my time. The sad part is there may be something important in the video, something that I will miss.

Of course soon there will be the ability to censor video, speech recognition is very advanced, and processing power is increasing. It won’t be long. However despite cancel culture people will still talk whenever they get together. Sure some topics will be taboo, they will be skirted about. People will still want to hear the news, it is a natural curiosity to learn what is going on in the rest of the world. People will try and control the word, because that is power. Yet to learn, it is better to know the truth.

In a circular logic I will end. Truth is education.


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