A Friend In Keene

Friday August 28 President Trump visited Manchester NH and gave a campaign speech. One hour and twenty minutes into the speech he said this “Have you ever heard of these words? Live free or die. Live free or die. Vote for those people. And you do, you have a great governor. Vote for your people, vote for your governor. You have a great governor. From Portsmouth to Dixville from Concord to Keene. I know a friend from Keene. Great guy. I had a friend from Keene a long time. Keene, New Hampshire”.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot. What did he mean by that? Sure, it is a campaign speech, get out and vote. But who is the unnamed person from Keene? I am in Keene almost every day. Who is the president talking about?

The president does not say things without a reason. Many folks will say he does, however if you read my past words you would see that I have deciphered a number of the presidents statements. Some his statements are truly profound.

Yes, the calm before the storm was one of them. Ask Google translate was the answer to another. My first thought was the president was mocking Joe Biden because Joe thought he was in Vermont when he was actually in Keene. But that is not it.

So I look around and wonder, who is the president’s old friend in Keene.

Edit: Been a few days now pondering this. Out in the countryside there are plenty of Trump signs, in Keene there are none. Yet Keene recently elected a Republican mayor. And I see signs for the Republican Senate primary. The thing about the primary signs, they do not say Republican. I imagine if they did they would be ripped up.

Also the president used the word “had” as well as “know” interesting. Anyway my thought is the president had his very first campaign rally in Keene. Back then there was no hate. I am sure Donald Trump remembers the love of the people that attended. Most likely it helped him convince himself that it really was something he wanted to do. That was before the hate. I put up campaign signs in Keene back then. I met other people putting up campaign signs for opposition candidates. We had friendly conversation. We wished each other success. That is the way it was.

The president had known a time before the hate. He still knows the love.



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