A Conversation With My Father

Recently I had a conversation with my father. Actually it wasn’t really my father, he has been gone for quite a while. However the conversation would have been the same. Yes, it was about politics.

When it comes to politics I am analytical. Emotional logic does not work with me. I would urge my father to stick with provable facts, rather than emotional examples. I would ask him to look at trends rather than singular examples. Finally I could never get him to stay on topic. It was just the way he was. I never did convince him of my logic. He would just get angry.

I will give credit to my recent conversation, they did not get angry. They were exceptionally good at repeating recent liberal propaganda. I guess that is not much of a surprise giving the location. As with my father, I suggested listening to the actual words, rather than someone’s interpretation the next day. I also suggested that being a member of a union may shape political opinion.

I pretty much stopped talking politics with my father. He would get so mad. I would feel bad. Sometimes I would say something that would set him off. I wouldn’t mean too, it would be accidental. Sometimes saying the sky is blue is wrong.

I am not saying my recent conversation created anger, it however created anguish. So I felt bad, yet I also felt fear. For there can be political repercussions in this age. Yet I want to be honest, and not pander.

What is my view may not prevail, and if that is the case so be it. My time has passed. The future is for the young. I did not agree with my father, the youth of today have no obligation to agree with me.


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