Are They Trying To Kill Us?

A basic tenet of liberalism and environmentalism is there are too many people on the planet. The earth cannot sustain us all. This is what they teach us. Society is unsustainable. This philosophical ideology has been around quite a while.

How do the leaders that accept this basic tenet, plan for a better world? They cannot make the world larger, for there are no new lands to be discovered. To act would be to make the population smaller. Smaller people would be nice. If we were so one fourth our size the world be the equivalent eight times larger. Nice thought, but we are not Alice in Wonderland. Leaders by their nature must act, so what did they do? A designer plague is suggested?

Think about it. There is good evidence that the virus called COVID 19 came from a lab. Apologies to my Chinese friends, but this is what we are told. They would like us to believe that it was just a random mistake, yet we were aware of its existence almost immediately. I can’t help but think it was a carefully crafted brew. The reasoning is simple. Old people cost society money. So why not just take them out and save medical costs and Social Security expenses. Someone could fill the prescription for the designer plague. The customer is always right, they say money talks. They have cold hearts.

As harsh as that sounds there is evidence. The mixing of COVID patients with nursing homes and veteran hospitals when there are other beds available. What are promising fires become illegal, even though they are cheap and effective, as demonstrated in third world countries. Then there is the timing, posed to effect an election? Something is adding up.

Of course the proliferation of rioting is not exactly a healthy lifestyle, could they also be a means to a shortened life? I think that is a bit of a stretch, yet the rioting persists.

The biggest fear. It could happen again. We now have a model plague. It could be tuned to do more, or less damage. The science of the plague is probably now big business.

When it comes to personal attacks, plagues are indiscriminate. How appropriate. When it comes to politics, personal attacks are just business as usual. Some are just more vicious than others. We already know they hate us.


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