A Birthday Party

It was my fifty ninth birthday. We had a private room at a local restaurant. The chief was renowned, and specialty lobster rolls were on the menu. Drinks were flowing and my close friends and family were in attendance. The mood was festive and my fifty buck lobster roll was the best I had ever had.

My friends and family were liberal. I could have been considered a moderate conservative. I don’t talk politics, I will only express my opinion when asked. I know better.

I was surprised when politics came up and everyone agreed that Trump would be the next president. This was just a couple of months after he and Melania came down the escalator in Trump tower. I took mental note of the harmony and unity, and yes I was thrilled. So much energy is wasted on political conflict.

Hoping to capitalize, and ride on the coattails of political harmony, I created this blog. My original thought was this would be about golf. How wrong I was. An era of political harmony had not arrived. Yet, sadly, I learned a lot.

People are beholden to their personalities. Politicians capitalize this to persuade. It is easy to convince a racist that racism is prevalent. It is easy to convince a fascist that fascism is a current thing. Yes, these were my friends. However it is hard to convince a sceptic of such outrageous things, this is my family.

Donald Trump talks about jobs. The people that support him work.

The more people talk of such things, the more likely they are such things. So what does that make me? A machine, or a writer.

Happy Birthday


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