RBG Who?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the first Supreme Court Justice to lie in state. Actually William Howard Taft was another supreme court justice to lie in state, but he was also president. So I do not think that being a justice had a lot to do with his honor.

Amazingly Ruth is also the first woman to lie in state. Something that did surprise me. So what did she do? I had to use the power of Google, we actually I used Bing to find out. I do not want to deceive the court. As far as I thought, no justice has had any effect on my life. Yet, I probably am wrong. So what did I find out.

She was a proponent of women’s rights. She wrote an opinion on the opening of a military academy to women.

She had an effect on abortions for women.

She wrote an opinion for same sex marriage.

She failed to use the word respectfully on a judgment about hanging chads.

That’s about it. She is described in the press as a rock star, and famously notorious. It was also argued that she was exceedingly narcissistic.

My personal opinion is follow the law and you won’t need to know any judges. So I don’t pay them much attention. Yet it is probably true that she affected the way people treat me. She was no fan of Trump and called him a “faker”. An unusual and inflammatory comment from the judiciary. A comment surely used by those who advocated violence against Trump supporters.

So when it really comes down to it, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is most famous for being the first female to lay in state.

Congratulations to the Notorious RBG.


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