Union Rules

I could have joined the union. Interestingly nobody asked me to join. I was quite surprised about that. I did ask two people about joining. The first person was a conservative Trump supporter. A very rare political point of view in academia. He replied that the only thing you get it you join the union was legal representation in case of a dispute.

I had been a union member before. I had worked in a metal shop a long time ago. We made cost racks and hat racks. Every Friday Vinny and Guido would show up in their fancy suits and shiny Buick and collect their union dues. The said if I were to join the union I would get a nice raise. I became a Teamster. After paying my union dues I made a nickel less an hour. Every week Vinny and Guido would ask me if I had a problem. I would say no. They would then say If I had a problem, just let them know. Or ask the union steward. I would then say OK.

I did not mind the loss of the nickel. This was back in the Hoffa days. I would go home and turn on the TV. There was a lot of Teamster and Union news. Thought I was getting my money worth just in entertainment.

One Monday the boss man came in very drunk. He came up to my machine just swearing away. I was rather astonished. First a little background. The boss man would keep all the tooling in a safe in the office. If I were to break a tool I would have to go to the office and get a tool. He would then go into the safe to get a new tool, I would then get a lecture on the cost of the tool. I knew the cost of almost every tool in the shop. So back to the drunk boss. He came up.and grabbed a sixth dollar tool from the machine and took it to the chopsaw and chopped it in half. Swearing the whole time. I was bewildered and perplexed. I went and asked the union steward what I should do next. He looked very nervous and was sweating profusely, all he said was to keep on working. I asked how, as the boss had cut my tool in two. I did not get an answer that I could understand, so I punched out and left. The next day I got a job washing cars. A couple of days later I drive by. They were carrying signs in a picket line. I figured I was happier washing cars than carrying picket signs.

As the years went by I wondered what would of happened if I carried the picket signs. Would the union have gotten me a better job? Maybe I could have gotten one of the cushy underworked overpaid union jobs. I could have easily been retired by now with a fat pension. Such things have happened. Just one of those what if’s. So I might not be anti union if it were to work for me.

The second person I asked about joining the union where I work now was a Trump hating liberal. He informed me the the union provided legal representation was shit. Very unsatisfied. So I did not join.

Personally I do not see much difference between unions and the mob. We have all heard about non productive union rules. RUles.that just enhance union members, and not much else. So the unions have won. They are now getting to write the rules. They will do so to benefit themselves. You going to tell Vinny and Guido you have a problem?

What it really comes down to, the big guy has to get his cut.


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