Gain of Function

Did Dr. Fauci and the NIH find “Gain of Function” research at the Wuhan lab. I saw a very interesting video about capturing hate to study their viruses in the Wuhan China lab.

At the time President Trump allowed Dr. Fauci to present his opinions without bias. I read that Dr. Fauci was the highest paid person in our government. Not sure if that is true or not. Not even sure if our government is funding the Wuhan lab. All I know is The allegation has not been denied. Yet the whole thing seems plausible

Not that it matters, if the government wants to do us in, they will do us in. Really, is there a difference between the extermination of unwanted fetuses and unproductive old people? Neither adds a benefit to society.

This is one of those posts I started a while ago. When I was writing it, I thought I had pretty much gone right off the rails. Sort of told myself – just put the pen down before I get myself into trouble. I had pretty much forgotten the troubling thought, till the big push on “Stop Asian Hate”. Allegedly a good portion of us Nethanderal republicans hate Asians because they gave us the Wuhan flue, aka COVID 19.

Yet my few Nethanderal gray cells do not process the given information as they suggest. Sure my neurons rapidly made some connections. There probably is little doubt that COVID came from Asia, yet there is good evidence that we paid them to develop this troubling disease. Can’t blame the Asians for delivering on what we ordered.


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