The Frontline Comes To Town

I basically just want to be done with politics. Most everything that is political on TV is a lie. I abhor people that talk politics. I especially abhor liberals, as I feel they have betrayed me. I pretty much consider my self a walk away when it comes to politics. I won’t even discuss politics, unless heavily prompted too. Way to dangerous for me.

Recently the Vice President met with the Chairman of my small town board. Promised us high speed internet with good paying union jobs. It was a bit of a surprise that the Vice President of the United States would come to such a small town, or at least the union shop that serves this small town. She did not come to the actual town. She just did a photo shoot with spoils of cable.

I know the selectman, he is a union guy, and he has been in my house. Good for him for bringing high speed internet to town. Although, some point out that the program for bringing high speed internet to this town started with President Trump. Maybe I will not order Starlink like I thought I would.

When I look out my living room window I see a wind farm. I can also see the house of the person who owns the land that the wind farm is on. Like myself he is not happy about town politics. Like the town chairman he has been in my house. Like myself he has not involved himself in town politics. When the wind farm went in we thought taxes would go down. Instead they went up, a lot. Why?

I just figured that I live in a corrupt little town, and there was not a lot I could do about it. I just did not want to be involved. I also knew that the town was suing the wind farm over a padlock on a gate. Something about four wheelers.

Suddenly signs for a new person running for selectman started showing up around town. Really? Someone thinks they are going to run against the guy that is bringing us high speed internet. We are quite a conservative town, even if we did elect Democrat selectmen. Then the man that has the wind farm says he is going to host an informational meeting in his barn about the upcoming election.

Of course I would not give up a chance to visit the wind farm, it is a lovely place. The woman running for selectman was going to speak. The woman turned out to be the daughter of a local man that I had known for many years. If I remember correctly she once sang in Nashville. Her parents were so proud of her. The man with the wind farm had stayed out of politics, till the town sued him. With a thirty thousand dollar legal bill, he was supporting an alternative.

The lady running for selectman pointed out that the town should not be suing on behalf of club. Even if the town salesman is also president of the club. Sounded reasonable. The she said that the town spent seventy two thousand dollars to run the election, this is when a nearby town with three times the population spent only eighteen thousand dollars. Another town with like population spent only a thousand dollars. We use paper ballots. A couple of people spoke up and said they work the election for $125. They also said the town lawyer, whom I also know, gets two thousand dollars for working the election.

There were a few other stories asking where the money is going. Then the lunch line. The wind farm has paid more than nine million dollars to the town. How has the town benefited from that money? Seems the only benefit has been higher taxes. I thought these were very good points, however I wondered if these points would be enough to topple the promise of union jobs and high speed internet. Then the audience started to comment. A number of people in town had solar farms. Turns out they were being taxed at $600 a panel. My next door neighbor has seventy two panels. He was very upset. There were others also. Green energy was being elegantly taxed in this town endorsed by the Vice President. Even the lady running for select man was surprised.

I was shocked. The greenies had aligned with the conservatives. Then the stories came out on how the town was being run in secret. Even the date of the town meeting was changed. The only town to do so. So much was now coming to light. I began wondered how corrupt my little town actually was. It was possible that millions were disappearing.

Then the incumbent struck back. His signs started appearing in people’s yards. Then there were the testimonials on Facebook on what a fine person the incumbent is. No need for an unproven upstart. I am not using peoples names because I do not want anyone local finding out what I think. I know all involved. I do not want to vote, for I fear retribution. Sad state of affairs. Then there were allegations of signs disappearing, I remember those times. If there are millions at stake things will get dirty. very possible that people I know should.go to jail. However they won’t. They will get away with it. That is just my thought. The deep state is very deep.

As much as I wanted to stay away from the political front lines, I failed. The front lines are now in my front yard. Yet, I will not put up a sign. If you were to drive around you would think that the candidates had matching support. A somewhat equal amount of signs. To talk with people there is an overwhelming support for one candidate. I suspect that when the votes are tallied, the other candidate will win.

Life in my little town.


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