Lying For A Living

I am just trying To think of how many people lie for a living. Politicians come to mind. Especially the partisan ones. Yes that would describe most of them. Next would be actors, this may be a bit controversial. For they are pretending to be something that they are not. They are rehearsing lines, intending to deceive us into believing that they are someone else. Since I have begun writing I have become painfully aware that the media lies to us. Then comes the scientists. One comes to mind, one with five doctorates. The smart person said we were going to run out of fuel decades ago. Was that purposeful, to keep the price of fuel up? There are so many liars that the truth may be hard to distinguish.

Jeffery Epstein comes to mind. I had thought he was an inconsequential twit. Then he died. I then learned he was so much more. Jeffery was a truth that I had assumed was a lie. Peak oil was a lie that I had assumed was a truth. How many lies are truths, and how many truths are lies? Hard to know. That is why I write. It will take some hard core sleuthing to discern the truth. When I see what I think is a lie I will write about it. Makes me think twice about my thoughts. Most people don’t do that.

Do I lie at work? I do not try to be something I am not. I do choose my words carefully. I won’t say things that I do not believe in. It is hard as I work in a woke culture. A culture that I believe is biased on lies. Yet they pay me, and I try to go forth and serve to the best of my ability. They seem to be happy with my performance.

I have to be careful though with my definitions of Observational Science and Sustainability. I could get into a lot of trouble if I were to stray from the approved definition. Sometimes I slightly modify the definition to something that I can believe in. Yet I do so at my own risk. I much prefer the teaching of hands on skills, and the scientific method. They are things I truly believe in.


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