George Washington Carver

One of the very first papers I wrote was about George Washington Carver. I thought he was the definition of a great American. At the time a peanut butter sandwich was a staple food source for me. I even tried to make my own peanut butter. I had dreams of being a spaceman, or a farmer. I explained to my teachers how peanuts are grown. They did not know how peanuts grew. I went to school in the city, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. However the teachers were interested in the growing of peanuts.

Another thing I was interested in during grade school was nuclear energy. My teachers were not impressed with splitting of the atom. They did not care about fission or fusion.

As the years went by Jimmy Carter became president. The nuclear scientist farmer, who raised peanuts. I was ecstatic. Carter’s success could be directly attributable to the efforts George Washington Carver. From peanuts to the presidency. I viewed that as success.

Unfortunately the Carter presidency was not that successful. I remember not being able to find a job. Oh well. I have no idea if it had anything to do with Carver legacy. However it seemed that society had forgotten about George Washington Carver. Anyway I had thought George Washington Carver was emblematic of success. Worthy of heroic of statuary. Seems my thoughts were not very mainstream.

So I was surprised to find a reference to the success of George Washington Carver in a website devoted to the education of Nepalese children. The use of the scientific methodologies to feed the people. Truly a great legacy.


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