The Dangers Of Projection

Once upon a time CNN said older working people would like candidate Trump because he believed in providing jobs. I listened and agreed. Jobs make life better for us all. Then something happened. CNN and others started to claim they knew what I was thinking. Then they said my thoughts were bad, and I needed to be punished.

I stopped listening to them, however others did listen. I wondered how often do I project thoughts into others? I am very much the live and let live type. Yet I do play scenarios out in my mind. It is human nature. It helps us determine our actions. Yet my thoughts are largely my own. I do not let the media program my projections. In actuality it may be easier to let the media program projections, as it requires less researching. Yet to do so is to give up individuality. Invariably bias becomes influential. The gray cells of critical analysis atrophy. We become simply tools of emotion.

So when I think I know what others are thinking, I must assume I am wrong. At least in the beginning. I must figure out what makes me think what I am thinking. Am I being influenced by others that want a specific outcome. Of course I am thinking of the media.

So what do I think of people that have their thoughts controlled by the media? It depends. Are they controlled by the media that wants to hurt me? If they are they are despicable people. Are They controlled by media that wants to harm anyone, if they are they are bad people. Mostly though there are so many unknowns that I do not have strong thoughts. I just try and be a good person.

Most of the time I do not know what others think. Everything is a bit of a mystery. People that think they know it all make me a bit nervous, for I think they must be projecting. Projecting without critical analysis. Of course some people are more observant, and they process information more effectively. By doing so they may be better at projecting. That is OK. As long as they are not out for personal gain. They make good leaders.

There is no monument in Washington D.C. to the people that died in the Civil War. Why is remembrance of the Civil War inconvenient? Sadly the dynamics that started that particular war are still at play. The party of racism is now in power. Unfortunately they seem to want to roll back rights of speech. This is where I start projecting. They do not believe that we all are created equal. Our rights are defined by the color of our skin, or our religion. This goes against the cornerstone of our nation, the definition of our inalienable rights. Exactly what so many unrecognized died for.

There are those that believe we are different by definition are in charge. Strangely they believe that they can force equality by implementing segregation. Historically most societies are segregatory. The grand experiment of equality is an aberration, and the American dream. I believe that there have been societies of equality before, and there will be again. Yet such societies seem to be temporary. The dynamics of change are in play, theoretically freedom is the regressive gene. Historically, subjugation in its many forms is the dominant form of governance.

Freedom depends on equality. To deny equality is to deny freedom. For better or worse history is our educator. To deny history is to repeat history. That is the lesson.


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