The Man With A Gun

I am not a huge fan of guns. I would rather spend my money on other things. I do understand the attraction of mechanical things. When I was young we had guns in our schools. I was taught how to shoot guns, and was trained in gun safety. To own a gun was to be responsible for its use.

Now guns trigger people. Most people that I know that have guns are quite responsible. They take care of their guns and don’t antagonize people with them. Yet there is always that one guy. I thought he was a friend.

There are many reasons to own a gun. One of them is a respect for history. My friends and I did historical reenactment. I believed that history should be respected, some history is important. I wanted to pay homage to what I thought was important history. We did a few local events. I thought my friends intrest in guns was interesting, as we differed politically. I carried the flag, he would lead the others that carried guns. I am not anti gun. I just did not want to carry one. I would prefer to carry the flag.

I respect history. One of the hardest things I do is to raise hay. Hard work and sweat to feed a few rescue horses. It is not a profitable venture, we just do it because our ancestors did. We do not have the horses, other people do. We just raise the hay.

Raising hay is a little like racing. We get some old tractors and drive them around in circles until they break. We fix them and drive some more until we are finished. We race against the weather. We cannot let the rain win, because then the hay will be bad.

The horses we make the hay for were going to be in the same parade as we were going to reenact in. The firetrucks that were going to be in the parade agreed not to use their sirens. They did not want to scare the horses. It was agreed that it would be a quiet parade. At the end of the parade my friend wanted to fire a salvo. I suggested that it not be good idea as this was supposed to be a quiet parade. We did not want to scare the nearby horses. He called the men to arms. The lady that organized the parade then asked him not to fire the guns. He then ordered his men to about face. Then he commanded them to fire.

I was ashamed. I am supposed to look up to and trust my friend. He had scared the horses and made people mad. I apologized for him. He did not. I did not understand his actions, yet in retrospect I do. His view it is not the person’s fault, it is the guns fault. Politically that is his agenda. By behaving badly with a gun he is furthering his political agenda. I believe it was premeditated.

There are many reasons to own a gun. One of them is protect yourself from people behaving badly with guns. To own a gun is to be responsible for it’s use.


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