It Is A Control Thing

Covid is a nasty thing. I cannot begin to list the amount of ways it has messed up peoples lives. In a way the Covid experience is like war. The industrial complex raced to provide vaccines and testing. The body count is duly reported. There are many rules for the populace to follow.

I watched a Zoom the other day. The nice lady talking outlined all the things we would have to do to combat Covid. I thought it rather odd that she was smiling. Coivid is a nasty thing. Even if we do not get it we have to do many many unpleasant things. We are stoic and say things like we will get our brain tickled. We mask up to go indoors and out. There are places we cannot go, people we cannot see.

One reason to smile would be if victory was at hand. Yes I would smile if the defeat of the virus was imminent. Here is the pill that will fix it all. However the conversation was more about containing the costs of the status quo. I really don’t believe maintaining the status quo is victory.

Some people just enjoy control. They enjoy telling other people what to do. The reasons are many. Myself, I like to make other people look good. If I were to do a Covid speech, I would tell people how good we are doing. I would talk about hope. Who knows, maybe knowing the same things I would have said the same thing. Yet I bet I would not be smiling. I do not like the control thing, I am more into the help thing.

My final thought on this is the media is totally into the control thing. Sure there is a bit of real helpful information, yet that is just to entice the ability to control. Take the radio for example. There are two bandwidths. AM and FM. Yes I know one is amplitude modulation and the other is frequency modulation. That being said they are different polar worlds. Listening to one is to deny the other. The hope is that there is peaceful coexistence. Personally I listen to neither, I consider the radio to be totally out of touch. If anyone tells me something that they have used the radio as a source for, I consider them out of touch.


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