A Choice Of One

The task was simple. Go buy a hand held mixer. My wife has a bigfancy mixer, yet it has become too heavy to move onto or off of the counter every time she wants to do do some mixing. Typically buying a kitchen appliance for Christmas is a bad thing, yet is what she wanted. I shall comply.

Forgoing the Amazon option I went to Home Goods. They typically have a good selection of quality products. I proceeded to the clearly marked hand mixer section. The shelves were mostly bare with a few toaster ovens preventing the shelves from being completely bare. I read that retail sales are down across the board at the end of November. Maybe 85 percent of normal. Sales are down, yet the shelves were empty? I look around to see what else is available. I admit to being genuinely confused by the situation. For whatever reason they say the ports are backed up and they are unable to offload the products fast enough. Logistically that does not make a lot of sense. We are unable to keep up with falling sales? One thing did make sense, I read that the ships that do arrive are smaller. It is more difficult to unload many smaller ships than a few large ships. The large ships have seen to have gone elsewhere. Recently I read the sales were closer to normal in December. So that is good.

Finally in a nearby, down low, in a isle display I find a few hand mixers. I am relieved to have found what I came for. Yet I was dismayed to have a choice of one. Yet it looked to be a good product. I had read in the Global Times the students believed democracy was a failure. This is a change from the past. The article blamed Joe Biden. It essentially said the two party system resulted in the election of Joe Biden, who is a failure. The students now believed in a choice of one. That way no mistakes could be made when voting. You voted for the wrong person? There will be repercussions. Xi would approve.

It is an interesting idea. The pink hatted revolutionaries have made their mark. We now have a one party system. In some eyes you are a good or bad person depending on whom you pulled the lever for. Despite the choice of one we had a good Christmas. We had a great tree and good times. We cannot help but carry on. Enjoy yourself. Merry Christmas.


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