Beat Saber

I have been playing the virtual reality game Beat Saber with an Oculus Quest. It is fun and I enjoy the game. I have to wonder how much of an impact such a thing will have on society. My first thought, before I bought the Quest was it is like the vintage wood stereoscope Grandfather kept in the closet. It was fun to use, technically fascinating, and a bit pricey.

If you believe the hype VR is supposed to be transformative. Facebook is all in. Maybe in other words it is a thing. So I have to give it a try, first thing I notice is the kids love it. They are fascinated. I also gave the kids some drones. The drones were one tenth the price of the Oculus. Whilst they were here the kids constantly flew the drones. The drones came with three batteries so there was not a lot of downtime for charging. The Quest required setup, and battery charging so it’s usage was less. Their was probably ten times the fascination with the Quest though. Things are relative.

So what did I think of the hit game Beat Saber? I have to laugh, it reminds me of work. There is a big conveyer where boxes come at you. Then you have to make decisions on what to do with the boxes, and then you have to move quickly to deal with the boxes. Finally you are graded on how you dealt with the boxes. I have spent decades doing this!

Then to keep it interesting, some of the boxes can kill you. Like machines without guarding you have to be wary. Even more interesting, they can come at you. Like at a jobsite, if you just stand in the same spot something will run you over and kill you.

There were some interesting tunes in the game. I tried them all. A couple of them I liked, a couple I didn’t. So if I were to stick with the tunes I like I could go through this fairly quickly. I could see getting bored with this rather easily. Just like a job. Yet part of the reason for this is for the cardio workout. Then I would have to treat the game like a job.

So I need the cardio, we will see if I love my job. Mostly I think VR is a bit of a fad. Fun to play with, and maybe a useful tool. I did enjoy the motion flight simulator with VR. VR does make sense for things like that. We will see where this goes.


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