The Art Of Manufacturing

This is what I care about. Manufacturing is an art, a philosophy, a religion. Manufacturing is a desire to make life better. Sure it becomes subverted at times, yet the goal of manufacturing is to make life better for all. Good health is the result of manufacturing, education is the result of manufacturing, buildings are created with manufacturing, most of our food is brought to the table with the assistance of manufacturing. We live longer because of manufacturing, what we entertain ourselves with is mostly manufactured, music comes from manufactured instruments, the way we communicate depends on manufacturing, we travel on planes trains and automobiles that have been manufactured. It could be argued that without manufacturing there would be no humanity. The dictionary defines manufacturing simply as making articles on a large scale. Yet most everything we use is manufactured. The things that are not directly manufactured were built using things that were manufactured.

Manufacturing is an art because it takes a certain creativity to build for many. The idea is to make things for many instead of just for oneself. Successful manufacturing is a very hard thing to do. It takes the cooperation of many people. Manufacturing is dependent on innovation and society. Successful manufacturing makes our lives better. That is why people manufacture things.


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