The Masonic She

It is the Masonic ritual that the compass and square dance upon the alter. The compass is defined as a rather mystical she partnering with the grand architect. I had gathered that the compass defined the articulate feminine form. As the compass was not represented as a male.

It is the articulate feminine form that gives birth. In this case the birth of buildings and other machinery. This made lots of sense to me. Men like machines. It is not unknown for women to be jealous of machines. For men, the machine can have the power of the opposite sex. It is a universal thing.

I considered it the power of the curve. It is all about the curve. The mysterious curve. The curve could be anything. A straight line, in geometry, is defined by the curve.

Recently I have had another thought, the mysterious she is actually education. To use a compass, successfully, is to be educated. That would go against the argument that the use of the compass is a gift from God. Yet it takes an education to build. Is she a God or an education? Or simply an earthly articulate feminine form. I am not yet ready to answer that question. I may never be able too.


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