Texas Shooting

It is a sad thing when innocent people needlessly die. I received an email saying this shouldn’t happen in our world. Yet it is your world. When I was young there was no gun violence in school. Students carried guns in school. People respected the police. This was all normal. Criminals only shot other criminals. It was a law abiding society.

In this new society in which we live demonization has become the norm. Vast swaths of the populace are labeled with very unflattering terms. Sometimes it seems that because I breathe and exhale carbon dioxide I am a bad person. Tell enough people they are bad and some of them will act out bad behavior.

Tell people they are good, and they might be more inclined to be actually be good. It seem every week Joe Biden is calling all sorts of people whit supremacists, it is not a surprise that some weaker minds act out Joe’s words. When you are powerful your prophesy easily becomes reality.

Bad people need to be locked up. Do not make excuses for them. There are bad people out there. Good people need to stop them. Someone should have stopped Putin. Nobody did. Good people will be hurt because of that.

People that own guns need mandatory gun training. Owning a gun implies responsibility. People have a right to be responsible. Constitutionally they have a responsibility to protect us all. I was trained in gun safety as a child. Bad people typically do not pray on people capable of protecting themselves.

It wasn’t that long ago that the gun industry was dying. Yet it was the Blue world that enabled the resurgence. Life is not better in the Blue world. For whatever reason gun violence flourishes in the Blue world. Not so much in the Red world.

To the writer of the letter, who is ultimately my boss. It is our world that this tragedy happened in. We need collaboration to make a better world. Until then, things will not get better.


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