Politics by its nature is designed to divide us. It is easy to find a flaw and exploit it, usually to gain a selfish advantage. It is that simple. I have been writing about it for years. Here I will try and condense it to a page.

Trump was not beholden to any party in the beginning. He was was unlike all other politicians in that respect. Yet he eventually fell into the exploitation trap. It started with “Lock Her Up” and ended on January 9th. For me the moment was when he had Anthony Fauci on the stage with him. I saw Trump looking at Fauci with in bewilderment. At that moment I knew the technocrats were back in control.

I do not use the term technocrat kindly. They are experts at leveraging self interest at the expense of others. Old school media is simply an extension of the technocrats corrupt domain.

Trump lost. I see Elon Musk taking up the fight. I have no idea if the dark forces will crush him. What I think does not matter.


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