A Tale Of Two Gays

At one of the many schools I attended there were two gay teachers. Not that I really knew what gay was. Actually I did not know what anything was. That is a different story though. Anyway I was told two of the professors were gay. One of them had “Come out” and that was very exciting to people. He could draw a crowd whenever he spoke. The other was still in the closet as they say.

The out professor taught cinematography. He specialized in cinema verity about himself being gay. People loved it. What it is like to live in a cabin and be gay. I will admit to being somewhat perplexed about what being gay was all about. I watched the movie and all I could figure was he lived with another guy.

I will say years later I saw him on national TV. He had filmed himself dying of aids. It was quite sad. At that point in my life I had learned a bit more about what being gay actually ment.

The other gay professor never mentioned he was gay. He did talk about the children’s books he wrote. I was enthralled. I took all of his courses I could. When we went to his house he introduced us to his housemate, who was a guy. I so wished he was my grandmother or something. I was so happy around him. I had my first cup of coffee in his new home. He showed me all of his treasures in his studio. I was quite lucky to have known him.

For many years I wanted him to design a paint job for my plane, of course I did not have a plane, I needed to build one. Dreams unreleased. He died recently. My wife’s company took care of him. I wished I had known. I would have liked to say goodbye.


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