Shopping In The Big Apple

I don’t typically throw my coworkers under the bus, in manufacturing it is rairly done. We typically depend on each other. Teamwork is like that. Funny thing about this new place, tossing a colleague under seems like a regular sport. So today will join in and toss a couple of my colleagues under the proverbial buss. l think if you check my writing I have never directly identified bad behavior. Some people just cannot help themselves they just have to make things political. So here is my reply. Not long ago, in front of students, two of my coworkers were dishing on Republicans and their policies. I am typically fairly tolerant of such speech, there is much I do not know, so I listen. I do my best to not trigger such speech also. Although the conversation was general I think it may have been directed at one of the students.

After reciting a litany of the failings of Republicans and their policies, they, my coworkers, focused on W Bush. This surprised me a bit, as the students may have not been born at that time. It could have been directed at me but I really don’t think so as typically don’t respond to political bashing. After deriding the intellectual capabilities of W Bush they focused on his statements after 9/11. Apparently in his speech Bush said something like “Let’s get back to normalcy, let’s shop in NYC”. My coworkers thought that was the dumbest thing ever. They loudly agreed and made sure everyone in the room could hear them.

I do not remember those particular words in history, I remember something like a war on terror being talked about. It is very easy to pick apart and twist words. If one is intending to find faults they will find faults. That is what people like my coworkers do. They think it makes for better people.

I had recently returned from New York City. It had been a while since I had previously visited. I actually had been in the world trade center on one of my last visits.. When I was young I spent lots of time there. My wife and I had been invited to a very nice wedding. We also did some shopping.

We went to the world trade center memorial. Tears pored from my eyes. My best friend had taken care of the service dogs after 9-11. He died of brain cancer. This blog is dedicated to him. I had a jacket that I bought with him for my wedding. My wife and I thought it might be nice to buy a new jacket in NYC in his memory.

There was a suit shop in the new world trade center. The building was made of shiny marble and glass. There was an absolutely massive staircase in the building. It was a very fancy building. We walked into the suit shop. I was a bit surprised that we were the only ones in the shop. The store was absolutely magnificent. There was a line of suits that looked like they were every shade of the rainbow. A salesperson came around the corner. He was prettier than a TV commercial. I can’t imagine the amount of time spent on his hair. He looked dejected when he saw an old couple.

My wife said we were looking for a jacket. His mood improved when I made a dramatic swoop with my hand and said that it needed to go with a purple shirt. He quickly brought out a cotton Miami Vice style jacket, that did not fit. It was quickly apparent that nothing in the store fit a fat old guy. It is probably just as well. Nothing there was under 500 dollars.

We did buy a bunch of stuff, some of it hand made by the street artists. We never did find a jacket, though we looked. We will never forget though. It was all part of the NY experience.

All of these thoughts were going through my head when my colleagues were deriding Bush for asking people to shop in NYC. I replied, “Isn’t that what New York all about?”

Union people sure can be negative.


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