The Virus

Except for the doctor’s office nobody is wearing masks anymore. Sure people are getting sick. Some of them even have some lingering effects. I know people that have had Covid several times. People are regularly testing themselves. If they get sick they quarantine themselves. A frinds boss tested positive and then went to work. All his employees were mad at him. People are concerned that somebody old might catch it.

Although my wife and I have not had Covid, seems most people we know have had it. As I had said a while ago, everybody is going to get it. What I find surprising is there is no remedy. You get it and suffer. Unlike the cold and flue there is no over the counter medication. No wives tales like warm milk and honey to make us feel better. Not to say there are no remedies out there, it is just political suicide to say there is. Alleging a cure is so dangerous that even the charlatans are staying away.

Looking about I think most people believe it is time to get back to normal. I was out shopping for a couple of hours and saw nobody with a mask. That is until I pulled up to a traffic light. I glanced at the car next to me and had a chill. Normally I do not mind when people wear a mask. Sometimes I barely notice. It is their right to wear a mask. I do not like to tell people what to do. I had seen people solo in a car before wearing a mask, and I get a chuckle out of it. I have not seen much of that recently though.

In the car next to me the driver, the sole occupant was wearing a mask. It was not a standard surgical mask. It was a custom form fitting mask. A few months ago we were told we could not wear form fitting masks. I had had a collection of masks that were different colors, I would choose a color depending on my outfit. If I had to wear a mask I was going to be stylish about it. I was a bit disappointed to have conformity forced upon me. So I noticed when someone was non-conforming to the surgical mask rule with a large dark beige form fitting mask.

What were they thinking, a virus spore was going to somehow waft out of my car and enter through their ventilation system and get them? The odds of such a thing happening were really rather slim. So why would someone do such a thing?

I have been told the answer by those that do. They think we are all viruses. We are no longer people, we are all just a virus out to get them. That may be a bit harsh, yet anyone that does not cover up is considered an inconsiderate virus. That may be a psychotic view, but it is not what gave me the chill.

As I pulled up and glanced, all that went through my mind as I realized I was now sitting next to Hannibal Lecter. The thought chilled me to the bone.


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