A Parents Gift

when I was growing we were taught to be obedient. We were to do what our parents wanted us to do. We did our chores, mowed the lawn pulled the weeds. Some of us were better at it than others. If we did well we were rewarded with an allowance.

We might be expected to keep the fire going in the hearth. To make our beds, cut and split firewood. If we had cows I am sure we would have been expected to milk them. Different families had different expectations. Children might have been expected to keep the family business. Many families expected the children to keep care of their parents in their old age. Families expect their children to keep their political values intact, or more precisely, to fight their wars for them.

At least that was the way I was brought up. Of course children will rebel. They may not always agree with their family values. Yet, sometimes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. More often though the apples are mechanically harvested with great big tree shakers. Then the apples are then turned to applesauce. Draw your own metaphor.

Rebellious parents spaun rebellious youth, compliant parents spaun compliant youth, curious parents spaun curious youth. Boring parents, Boring youth. Sure there are plenty of anomalies, that is what keeps life interesting. Still, most parents put a lot of effort into raising their children.

There are those that believe children should be subservient to their parents. This conversation not exactly a political post, it was not motivated by political conversation. I was motivated by a small epiphany on the meaning of parenting. We do not have to parent of the betterment of ourselves, we can parent for the betterment of others.

Not everyone gets that. In fact that may be an aspirational thought. I will refrain from talking about our politicians children. There are people that would be happy to be judged by their children. For their children are their gift to the world.


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