The Great Panty Raid

Old Joe’s sniffer was in want of a tingle, so he asked his boys to pick up some used panties from that hot first lady. Of course old Joe was thinking of Jill. Of course you do not get to become a lackey to the world’s most powerful person by being submissively servile, you go above and beyond. So when Joe asked for the panties from the HOT first lady, the boys went to Melania! The boys know how to deliver.

Of course the above description is fiction. I have no friends inside the exclusive boys club. What we do know is an incursion took place. Depending upon your view of the law it was either justified or non justified. There are so many laws out there you can find one that suits your purpose. To our knowledge the incursion was unprecedented, that is why I am writing about it. Not only that, it has popped up unexpectedly in random conversations.

My first thought was there must be something that they really wanted. The assumption was that whatever it was they were looking for must have been really incriminating. Although it might have been a good movie plot, I really doubted that the nuclear codes were embroidered into Melania’s underwear with unobtaninum thread in the shape of a Trump logo. I wondered who might have been incriminated, and by what.

I was also somewhat perplexed they were looking for papers. We live in a digital world where the only people that are actually interested in papers are lawyers. Oh lawyers, of course. Papers is how they get rich. What paper could Trump possibly have that would get him into trouble, he practically lived in front of the camera, and talked about most everything except his tax return. A financial document possibly?

The swamp was not kind to Trump, the swamp employed some mightily devious tactics to bring him down. Maybe he had some interesting documents incriminating the swamp. Yes, the FBI and the CIA would be interested in retrieving those documents. Personally I give that a reasonable possibility.

Interestingly there is no specific allegation, the only allegation in print is the possible criminal use of secret documents. Or, the documents are wanted to see if crimes were committed. In the beginning it was alleged that nuclear secrets were compromised, hence my third paragraph paragraph above. Yet the only thing we know that was actually taken were passports. They probably should not have taken those, as they were returned.

So there may be there was nothing they actually wanted. The incursion was possibly just to get Trump back in the news, and vilified. Currently there is no more powerful political tool than hate. Trump is not innocent, he used “Lock Her Up”. What goes around comes around. Yet I do not remember her house being raided. There were major allegations about her misuse of classified documents. Wiping of hard drives and smashing devices to protect pay for play emails. If I rember correctly her lawyers were provided with lawyers. Trump’s lawyers were, raided.

So at the end of the day, what do I see. A warning, do not go against the DNC.


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