Writing Papers

Writing papers is a thing where I work. People write papers and have them published. They are peer review academic papers. They have references and structure. I have read a few of them.

I find this mildly humorous. I have been writing for years. I most definitely do not use references, sometimes I am intentionally vague. I do not want to incriminate any of my friends if I write about them, nore do I want to get myself into trouble. I am pretty sure there a bots trolling the web looking for keywords. We are not far from a time when you say the wrong thing there will be knock on the door.

I have no formal traing my writing is really just a thought bubble. So many times in the past I people have told me what I think. Of course they would be wrong, I do not think like that. Or I might mention what I thought about a past event. Then they will say I just made that up. So I started writing my thought bubbles. That way I could say I wrote it down back when. This could also be a bad thing. Numerous times people have told me they never said such a thing, when I clearly remember them saying so.

A couple of times when people have told me about their writing papers I will mention that I also write, I will say “I write about things you can’t talk about”. I am definitely coy about it. I might even mention that the Chinese like to read what I write. I have no problems with the Chinese, we collaborate on many things. I am actually a bit flattered. I do not mention that I write about politics.

Sometimes when I look at something someone writes all I see is words. I look at them and they have no meaning. Something like a bad movie plot. I often wonder if my words are like that. Words without meaning. As much as I desire dialog, minds are made up. Genetically incapable of listening as I say. So I was surprised to see on my stats page someone(s) has started reading my blog. Someone(s) from the United States.

I could save them a bit of trouble and simply sum up my hundreds and hundreds of thought bubbles into three words. “Politics is shit”. It is that simple, and I would not be wrong. Yet I write because I am truly interested in the digestive process. Yes I write to much, I write becuse I am inquisitive and want to understand how politics became shit.. I want to intimately describe the digestive process.

Writing is an art, words mean different things to different people. Writing can broaden horizons, good writing is beautiful. I used to paint, now I write. Yet when it comes right down to it, I write for myself. It helps clear my head in a strangly mechanical way. The best way for me to clear my head is to fly. At least it used to be. However it has been years since I have flown. So I write. Most likely I write to much, and here I use the I too much. Well it is my thought bubble, and I am a bit obsessive.

I am not saying my writing is the best. It is not. However the best writers, they are the artists.


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