It is My Pronoun

I receive emails with peoples desired pronouns in their byline. Students will ask me what my desired pronoun is. Typically if asked I will say old white guy. Yet that is not quite a proper answer.

When I was growing up being a guy was a bad thing. Men were the root of all evil. I was raised in a very liberal environment. Even having babies was a bad thing. Men made babies, men are bad.

So I do not really want to have the “He” pronoun. I do not really qualify for any of the others, yet I have been told I can fill out a web form and pick any one something like 78 pronouns. I am overwhelmed.

I really don’t get it. Yet I couldn’t find a pronoun for someone who doesn’t get any. Doesn’t mean I don’t want any, it just means I don’t get any. One way of describing that is it.

So for right now, it is my pronoun. That’s it.


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