President Joe Biden seems to do a lot of whispering to make his points. I think my favorite is trillions in spending will cost zero. There are other whispers too. My Democrat friends have come up with very long and rather wordy reasons why Republicans are just basically racist slave holders. Thank you Franz. I know plenty of people that think like that.

Even though CNN pays airports around the world to broadcast their propaganda, there are other news outlets. Google “Biden Diary” and do some inquisitive analysis and you might believe Joe Biden is a incestuous pedophile. With a lifetime in politics there is no doubt Joe is the leader of what Trump called the swamp.

CNN is completely silent on the personal life of President Joe Biden. Yet CNN investigated all aspects of Trumps personal life. Then the things they said about the First Lady were even worse. I won’t go on as I have covered this in the past and I really do not want to repeat myself.

In other news, there has been an arrest made in the Trump Russian Collusion Story. Seems the entire story was a fabrication by aids to Hillary. Yet her aids are still highly praised by the mainstream.

I have always considered myself to be a slave to the machine, and I identify myself as centrist Republican. When I started this blog I was looking for conversation, I did not find it. If what Franz says is true, I own myself. Yet to think the thoughts he thinks, he must believe in slavery.

So I will circle back. I am the slave. He is the master. This makes a lot of sense to me. I have been under the liberal thumb my entire life.

Let’s Go Brandon

Three simple words, that could get you fired if you were to say them in the wrong place. Censorship is real, and this is the proof. The three words are simply a meme, expressing displeasure with the current political regime.

I do not get out much so I really do not know how widespread the displeasure is. Expressing displeasure is not a new thing. Four years ago pink hats were all the rage. Unfortunately pink hats also advocated actual rage and violence. Yet to my knowledge no one was fired for wearing a pink hat.

Let’s go Brandon is no call for violence. It is expression of embarrassment. For there are things that can not be said. Like pooping the pants when talking to the Pope. That simply becomes an incident, not to be reported. Yet fake Nazi plants become national news in a local race.

My brother went to buy gas and the was a picture of Joe pointing out the price of the purchase and underneath the image was was the saying “I did that”. The next time I bought gas the same image and saying was also on my fuel pump.

Adding a sticky to a fuel pump is a minor act of vandalism. Yet it is not burning down the fuel station. I am thinking of what was called mostly peaceful protests.

Thank you pink hats. You have brought us change.

On Being Kind

People tell me I am kind. It is my nature. I am not sure why. For many years I considered myself a technician. I fix things. I never thought of myself as fixing People. People confuse me. I am never sure what they are going to do.

I think I have never learned to identify people. When I was young I needed glasses, but nobody knew it. Sure there were a couple of signs I could not see, but I did not know it. It was only when I went to get a driver’s license that I found out I could not see.

When I was young people were just fuzzy blobs. I could not judge people by their looks, I couldn’t see them. I judged by actions. Yet that was also difficult, as I could not remember who did what. I suffered from what could be called disabilities. Everyone seemed the same.

Unable to identify and remember one person from another I had to treat everyone the same. I also have to tell the truth, as I would be incapable of remembering who I told a fib to. Do unto others as you would have them done unto you. Seems like a pretty simple thing.

I am not into manipulation, I just want to help.

When Everything is A Lie

It is hard to find the truth in politics. Everyone has an agenda. Unfortunately when the truth comes out, it is not tolerated. Like actors, everyone plays a role reciting their lines. This is the reason some people do not like to talk about politics.

Other people, some love the lies. They love to talk politics. I have listened to these people. They are genetically incapable of telling the truth. When everything is a lie, the truth is not tolerated.

I was talking with a group of students about Covid. They definitely thought that it was a government plot. I offered my opinion that Covid was designed by the government to kill old people so the government would not have to pay pensions and social security. They thought I was spot on.

Whenever I check CNN they are still talking about Trump. I have to think that when it comes to lies, the truth can not be tolerated. CNN cannot tolerate Trump. I never paid attention to the Trump tweets. I thought they were irrelevant. Yet more than anything else, they were not tolerated.

Let’s just say they students and I were right. Covid was designed by the government(s) to kill old people. The idea is not unprecedented. In ancient Rome it was a disgrace to be old. It was better to die at your peak. Ancient Rome was quite violent.

President Trump kind of messed up the plan with Operation Warp Speed. Sure there were simple ways to beat Covid, they were made illegal and unavailable. They probably did not believe Trump would actually be successful with a vaccine. He saved the old people.

My wife says I would have survived Covid. My cousin and others did not. I believe Covid was manufactured. I believe Covid was used to kill people. It is hard for me to believe that the government is my friend. Locally they are just a bunch of extortionists.

There are plenty of unknowns out there. Trump is one of them. Yet he might of saved my life.

President Hassan

I still hear people defend President Biden, yet it is a half-hearted defense at best. I have not heard a single person say what a great person Kamala Harris is. The party is in trouble. Get rid of Joe and you have Kamala. Get rid of Kamala and you have President Pelosi. Think that would work?

Sure there would be people that would rejoice in the first female presidency. That would be OK. There is nothing wrong with being first. Yet at the end of the day policy matters.

Recently I have been bewildered by a plethora of commercials on the local TV station when I watch the morning news extolling the virtues of our Senator Maggie Hassan. It is not an election year, yet there are even more commercials for Maggie then there were during the election. She is portrayed in a very Republican manner with farmers, working people and veterans. If you go way back in this blog you may find I have written about her once or twice.

In the evening I watch a bit of national cable news. More commercials for Maggie. Surprising that they would pay for national coverage for local non election support. My thought that the local spots were just a kind of reminder to the local station “remember who pays your salaries” so when election time roll around they would know who their friends are. But the national coverage, a bit of a mystery. Occasionally I watch a bit of “alternative” news as a counter balance. Hard core Republican support news you might say. Of course I was stunned to see another Maggie Hassan commercial. I think no amount of advertising revenue would change their political bias.

Perplexed I began to wonder if Maggie was going to start selling pillows. Sometimes I check out Instagram, there was Maggie. Facebook too! I have to imagine that the outlays are massive. There is some serious funding behind Maggie.

Normally I watch things like the apolitical Science Channel. Yup there’s Maggie. This is much bigger than some local stage. I figure the ambition must be presidential. Not sure how it will all play out. Yet you heard it hear first.

Life and Death

I have seen a commercial on TV that says the governor of my state has signed a law prohibiting abortion. My first thought was why did I not see this on the news. Could be fake news.

If the government can decide to get rid of people because of their age, then why can’t people? People are going to get abortions, might as well keep it safe and legal. I will say the same thing about marijuana. Keep it safe and legal and drive the crime out.

When it comes right down to it I will say the same thing about immigration, keep it safe and legal, and drive the crime out.

Saw on the news today that people are dying trying to get into the country. Yet they are still dying to get out of the aforementioned countries.

Makes me wonder where I might want to go.

Empty Shelves

I write about personal observations. Not that I go shopping much, my wife does most of the shopping, yet she does drag me along occasionally. So for the first time in my life I have been seeing empty shelves. Full shelves have always been a hallmark of America’s prosperity. Even during the hight of the pandemic, with the exception of toilet paper, the shelves were full. The news says that in the coming months the shelves will be even less full.

When you are on top you have nowhere to go but down. I have read that great civilizations only last 300 years. If so it is our time to fail. The question is how far down will we go. If we end up like Europe it will not be to bad. I do hear a lot of people talk about how great Cuba is. In my view that is pretty bad. In Cuba rich people drive 50 year old cars because there is nothing better. In this country rich people drive 50 year old cars because they can. If the rich in this country want to get somewhere fast, they take a jet. They can’t do that in Cuba.

It wasn’t that long ago the media praised Venezuela and its progressive politics. Last year inflation there was over 2,300%. That is just the beginning of reasons not to be there. The Venezuelan exodus is one of the largest in the world. Hope we don’t go that way.

So how low will we go? I don’t know.

Comply or Die

I read something interesting the other day. Supposedly it came out of the Hunter Biden laptop. It was a proposal by Hunter Biden to Muammar Gaddafi to represent the Libyan Government within the Obama administration via access provided by Joe Biden. The cost would be only two million a year plus unspecified expenses. The Colonel turned down the proposal.

I may be jumping to conclusions, but, when you run a shakedown or extortion racket. There is a price to be paid for noncompliance. I had always thought that the elimination of Colonel Gaddafi was somewhat unexplained. This story, as strange as it may be makes sense.

As far as the administration at the time was concerned, it would be stupid not to pay a couple million bucks for quality representation. In fact it would be a bargain. Everyone knows that sometimes it is just the cost of doing business. It is the way things work.

For whatever reason, Gaddafi did not want to pay. Maybe Muammar Gaddafi had talked to Donald J Trump about the quality of services. That idea is not that outlandish.

When Colonel Gaddafi visited the U. S. to speak at the United Nations, he pitched his elaborate tent on the grounds of Donald Trump’s New York estate. So Gaddafi and Trump may have been friends.

So if Donald J Trump advised Colonel Muammar Gaddafi not to pay the Biden family for political access, it was fatal advice.

For a Democrat administration, it is very very easy to say that anyone that takes the Advice of Donald Trump is stupid. Stupid people turn down a reasonable price for political access. Simply, in their mind stupid people deserve to die. It is how the system is preserved.

Sure there are gaps in this story, yet it is logical, and provides explanation for what has been unexplained.

The Ritual of Learning

Ritual is important. It is a way of transferring knowledge and beliefs.To ritualize is to learn. That is a rather Masonic view of learning. In a way I agree, yet I also disagree. Much to my amazement I am fully immersed in learning. I am trying to teach so much more than I know. Yet I am successful. I am surrounded on all sides by incredibly smart people. Awestruck I tell stories. Most of the time I do not finish my stories, I become distracted as my mind jumps around. This is certainly not ritual. I encourage and challenge, then look to my past for real life stories.

So I wonder how I teach, what is my ritual. What is my methodology. I believe in empowerment. I absolutely do not believe that I know more than the students and I need to make them believe what I believe. I summarized that some time ago with my saying “I am not programed to program”. When I say that I am not talking about software. I stay away from things I perceive as propaganda.

I tell my students that when I was your age they told me not to trust anyone over 30. I say you are the future, I will try and help you learn from my history. I explain what the times were like for me back in the 1970’s. Then we talk about the future. I explain that there is a variety of of opinions depending upon people’s backgrounds.

The best part of teaching is learning. As in I am learning. I listen, and try to relate to what I hear. Manufacturing makes our lives better. We would not be what we are without items that have been manufactured. We have to find our place in a manufactured society.

A Gaslighted Village

My wife and I watch a TV show called Midsomer Murders. The setting is always a beautiful rural English village. During a two hour show typically three people will die. Chief Inspector Barnaby then figures out the culprits. So it is a bit of a game to figure out who dies, and who lies. The clues and misleads are subtle, yet there is a certain amount of predictability. The scenery and architecture is always gorgeous.

During an episode the wife of the chief inspector was shopping for a house. She wanted to live in a beautiful little town. The reaction of the chief inspector was, why? People are so mean and die of unnatural causes. Of course it was a reference to the show. Small town are not that bad are they?

Of course a show like that may cause misperceptions. It is true some city people find small towns to be completely evil. As I have said before I wonder if it is a matter of projection. Yet not every small town is nice. Naturally, small towns are governed by a small click of people. It is not easy to run a town. So there is invariably a certain amount of self interest involved. The hope is there is also some altruism also. The mix in every town will be different. The TV show town is most certainly an unrealistic worst case scenario. It is good that the show can poke fun at itself.

None of us are perfect, yet some are more imperfect than others. I never considered my little town to be perfect, yet I was willing to let it be. Till now. How can the preported party of environmentalism be so callous towards the environment. How can the party of sensitivity be so blantly insensitive? In a bit of surreal reality the lies of my little town were echoed on the national stage. A promise of high-speed internet was made on the national stage. I figured that maybe my local Selectmen would soon be a representative, or maybe a senator if he played his cards right. He was in with the boys and girls at the top. Or so I thought.

No internet was forthcoming. The promises were empty. I mentioned the unfulfilled promise, they were not happy. Inexplicably the town decided to kill the beavers. Then blow up the dam. Honestly they may have blown the dam then killed the beavers. Yet the truth is they did both. Effectively. What was a twenty five acre pond to the west of the Mill Rd sudenly became a stream. The town denied they had done anything of the sort.

My wife and I stod on what was left of the beaver dam. She took a picture, then posted it to Facebook. People began to comment. Some were agast. Some called us names. I shared pictures of before and after. Other people shared pictures of what was lost. The town called me a lier. I invited them to come and see what I saw. They called me more names. Literally there were hundred and hundreds of posts about the lost beaver pond.

I went to the town conservation commission and mentioned the loss of a massive amount of wetlands. They did not care. I wrote the EPA and the governors office, and heard back from neither. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the law. I found it was legal for the town to do what they did. So why did they lie?

When I found that it was legal for the town to do what it did I decided to post the law on Facebook, and essentially admit defeat. The post my wife started was gone. Other posts about the beaver pond were also gone. I have no clue how they did it, but they did.

The people that run my town are as genetically capable of telling the truth as a pandemonium of gaslighting parrots. My view is that is no different than the national stage. They are of the same feather.