Mitt’s Dog

The biggest reason Mitt Romney failed was because he put his dog on the roof of his car of a family vacation in Canada. Or so I have been told by a number of liberal friends. Never mind that he made his money from the Staples retail chain. Arguably a company that made its money by outsourcing jobs to China. Is Mitt Romney trying to protect his wealth by bashing Trump? Me thinks so.

I have defended Mitt’s dog on a number of occasions. Dogs like to have their noses in the breeze. I admit that I do not know what kind of dog Mitt and his family had. However I say that it was probably not a lap dog, otherwise it would be in the car.

Now Mitt is bashing Trump with the Democrats rhetoric. I say STFU Mitt. Trump proposes the biggest jobs program to benefit the southwest Hispanic population, and he is attacked by Hispanics. Billions would be spent building a wall, who would get those jobs? So Trump sounded like a black guy hauled before a white judge. The situation was the same. He perceived an inherent bias do to race.

Romney is the bigger racist, he is justifying racism for economic reasons. It is for selfish economic reasons that he is bashing Donald Trump as a racist. Trump comes from one of the most multi cultural places, New York City. In New York a black is a black, a Mexican is a Mexican, a white is a cracker. No stigmas. Racism is propagated by Democrats to control people. It is subjectively and arbitrarily applied. In my view, Mitt Romney is part of the evil empire.

I am so tired of this racist rhetoric. It matters not who the Republicans select, the evil empire will attack with all their dark forces. They will rationalize with biased justification to maintain control. Their minions will close ranks to maintain control. Freedom and independence of thought will not be allowed.


2 thoughts on “Mitt’s Dog

  1. Ernie Bridge

    May 28 at 12:10pm ·

    Mainstream people have been wondering, all summer, what drives Trump’s supporter’s dogged loyalty, no matter how outrageous he seems. At last a few people are standing up and saying it. Ordinary people who go to work and pay taxes are fed up with egregious political correctness. They’re fed up with universities aggressive multiculturalism and government enforced hiring rules for unions and ethnic communities. They’re fed up with our president picking and choosing our public bathrooms.Some people have called it racism but it’s not. It goes way beyond race, it’s a whole wide swath of middle americans who earn their keep and pay their bills and respect other people’s property and, mostly respect and practise our western civil norms. That’s the real ‘middle class’ no matter how much they earn. Maybe the right term is Classism!


  2. Hi Ernie,
    I think you got it, Trump supporters are a varied lot. However they are all law abiding people that care about the country. They do not care about some self serving special interests. They care about the common good for all.


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