Whispers In The Boardroom

What a place the boardroom in Trump Tower must be. The best and the brightest are summoned to speak, winners all are allowed to give their views. Donald J Trump listening to their views. What makes this boardroom extraordinary, is the outcome is not predetermined. There is no doctrine to be followed, no bias to be played, no favour to be repaid. What I must believe is an open mind listening to the very best making their best arguments.

There must be whispering in the boardroom, this is history being made. Great history, history unencumbered by partisanship and favour. I wouldn’t pretend to know what is being said. Or even to be able to claim to understand what all the words mean.

The TV cameras document who comes and goes, and it seems to be quite a wide range of people. Commentators comment on the meaning, but they don’t really know. They bring their own bias with them. What goes on in the boardroom? The future is being made.

Reminds me of Nero Wolfe, sitting in his yellow leather chair summoning all those that he needs to solve the puzzle. The right choice is always made.

The greatest of the greats arrive. There must be whispering, this is history in the making.

Al Gore and I

Speaking of the political capital from winning the popular vote, we have Al Gore. So what did Al do? Well we all know he invested his in Climate Change. Or was it Global Warming? Anyway it’s just the buying and selling of carbon credits. He has been very effective too, over two thirds of Americans believe in “Human Caused Climate Change”. Something that I can believe in part. If I light a match, the world gets warmer. This is something that I can agree with. Now I will tell you havewhere Al and I part ways.  If I make toast, the world gets warmer. Al would disagree, my toaster is wind powered, therefore it doesn’t contribute to climate change. In fact, my warm toast is eligible for cash because its been warmed with green energy. Oh?

I will tell you what green energy is. Carbon Dioxide! Trees and plants love carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide actually makes plants greener. So I am actually at a loss when I am told carbon dioxide is bad and needs to be taxed or eliminated. I will agree that there is a lot of bad stuff that can be generated with carbon dioxide. All sorts of cancerous particles and gases. Now that stuff is bad, and stinky.

So I do worry about the bad stinking stuff that makes people sick. I just don’t worry about Co2, because it actually makes plants happy. So why is Al Gore so mean to plants? Profit from selling carbon credits. Yucky.

I really did spend a lot of time trying to figure out how carbon dioxide makes the world warmer, and all  I found out was how they are trying to fool us.

Back to Trump and the EPA, the EPA needs to concentrate on bad stuff again. Not stuff that makes trees green.

Hillarys Political Capital

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. While not the same as winning the Electoral College, it does give her huge political capital. A great many people believed in her and voted for her. That alone gives her political capital, when she speaks people will listen.

That being said, the Democrat party had big losses. I would not blame them for reassessing their strategies. The smarter amongst them have gone a bit quiet. Unsure of Donald Trumps strategies, they have withdrawn their verbiage. They most likely are waiting for a perceived flaw to expose itself, then they will unleash new and updated verbiage. Politics as a chess game.

Unfortunately for the party, the leadership has doubled down on the same rhetoric that lost them the election in the first place. The Alt Media diatribe didn’t really work, so Hillary replaced it with the False Media diatribe. For her party, this is a huge mistake. Hillary has taken a sample of what is commonly known as “clickbait” and blamed it for her loss. Clickbait is a commonly used practice to sell advertising revenue. Simply, use some crazy headline and story to get page views. The page views then are used to get advertising revenue. Most internet users know Clickbait for what it is. What Hillary failed to realize is clickbait is an equal opportunity opportunist. They also targeted Trump, probably more so.

Another problem for Hillarys plan is the acknowledgement by most that there was collusion between Hillary and the major media outlets. Even Hillarys biggest fans must acknowledge that the mainstream media lied to them. Now Hillary calls any media that doesn’t conform to the views of her collusionary media the “False Media”. Pretty darned absurd!

One reason I started this blog is I don’t believe the media. Haven’t believed it in decades. Obviously I have been right when ninety five percent of the media has been wrong. Sure I have made a few mistakes. I suspect that this blog has made a few lists of banned media. I am pretty sure if Hillary could have had her way, I wouldn’t be blogging.

I really do believe Hillary believes in the power of the media, and her need to control it. I suspect that the reason that she brought up the video “The innocence of the Muslims” was to give the government the ability to control independent media. Halfway through that particular plan, she decided that it wasn’t the place or time. Just me opinion.

Finally, back to Clickbait. Clickbait is a symptom of the commercialism that the Democrats are so fond of. The great entertainment empire is built on commercialization. There would be no Ellen without commercials. There would be no The View, without commercials. No CNN or Fox, no MSNBC. There might not even be a Bubbatrump. I write for no revenue, however my host WordPress does sell ad space on this site.

So Hillary, Clickbait is not the problem. Commercialism is. I suggest that you use your very substantial political capital to find a cure to blatant commercialization of your party.


Saw a tweet from John Stuart on Facebook. He was complaining that Donald Trump was like a toddler with a handgun. He has no shame. Thankfully most of the liberal press called a ceasefire to their agenda on Thanksgiving. It was for good reason too. They had been trapped into portraying themselves with a lying colluding agenda. There were rats exposed at the highest places. Most everyone knows, that when you see a rat, there are many more unseen. It was with prudence, that smarter amongst them called for a reassessment of their situation.

Of course John Stuart, who sits at the highest alter of the entertainment left is having nothing to do with any sort of ceasefire. His cause is just, and he will not be slowed. Of course I found it entertaining that John compared Donald to a toddler. My immediate reaction was Mr Stuart was speaking to all the college students with the infantile reaction to the election. Really theTrump is not my president movement is just an infantile reaction by those that had believed the lies of the left and now are dazed and confused by the reality that they had been lied to.

It is true, that at times I have believed the lies of the left. Even if I had my doubts, constant repetition swayed my personal version of reality. So I cannot blame John for leading the lying charge. He has so much to loose. So because John’s lie made it to my Facebook feed, I will take aim at this particular lie. So hear this Mr Stuart. If Donald J Trump is a toddler with a handgun, he is a really good shot. Your compatriots were wise in declaring a ceasefire.

What do you get when you cross a corrupt Chicagoan with a Arkansas bigot? Nothing that a liberal New Yorker can’t handle.

So this brings me to the point of this little essay. VOOM. Voom was a network that delivered HD programming back when HD television was new. Delivered by satellite there were twenty one channels of high definition programming. This was back when only the occasional show on the networks was high definition. Produced by Rainbow Media Voom had something more than stunning clarity. Voom was commercial free! Sure the shows were low budget, but that was the beauty of it. I really enjoyed shows like Grand Tour and Dead Art. There were many other enjoyable shows also. Sadly Voom disappeared under very mysterious circumstances. According to the judge in the case, much evidence was destroyed and the case was settled out of court. My opinion, highly paid people like John Stuart had to much to loose.

Currently there is a struggle over the internet. People like John Stuart would like to limit the ability of people like me “Bubba” to express my opinion on the internet. Fortunately millions of people are posting their stories and videos. Maybe someday soon, we will be free of controlling content in our media.

No wonder the left is worried, they may soon be unable to control the media. Unable to successfully label Trump as dark, they may find themselves in the dark.