Are We Globalism?

A number of aging hippies are thrilled that we are now a communist society. Unfortunately there are a number of workers that are appalled that we are now a totalitarian society. No, I do not know how many there are of each. Such numbers are not allowed in either society. In the first case, in theory, all of society works for the individual. Unusually that is actually the same philosophy as the second case. The disagreement becomes is who the individual is. The leader, or the lead.

So what are the advantages of globalization? Unfortunately the first thing that comes to mind is slavery. Not every country has outlawed slavery. Many of our consumer products are allegedly made with slave labor. Globalization definitely helps multinational corporations. Not so sure globalization helps the independent operators. I would guess globalization let’s people move around more, like jetting about the globe. Yet people say all this jetting about adds carbon to the atmosphere thus making the globe unhabitable. At least some people think so.

Instead of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we now attempt to improve our social credit score. We are taught that there are too many people on the earth. If our social credit is to low we may become part of the retification. Redundancy is so unnecessary.

I may be a bit drastic, yet this scenario has played out before. World view can change in a few days. I think locally we are where we were when the Taliban blew up the Buddhas. We are shocked that such a thing could happen. Yet it did.

Can it be fixed? Probably not. The only solution would be to impeach them all. I certainly do not think that will happen. We do not have the will power. The corrupts will survive. I had thought they would collapse under their own weight. I was so wrong! History, like a giant fractal repeats itself. Most of the time society is genetically corrupt. Freedom is an aberration. Union thugs morph themselves into the Taliban. There is no master except theirs. Using guns and bullets provided by the self indulgent globalists they use fear to force the new open society called globalism upon us.

There is no quiet little contented towns, only voting blocks to be manipulated by whatever means possible. For power no longer comes from goodness, for there was a time when power came from doing a good job. I like what you did there. I am quite comfortable with having you move on to bigger and better things.

It is sort of like a relationship of trust. Now that we are told what we are to believe. It is our job to fit in and improve our social media score. We have become the judged, verses being allowed to judge. It is a bit hard for me to explain, yet that is my view of globalism.


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